First Accredited Inspection System for LIDAR

Anditi’s Roadviewer is the 16th iRAP accredited inspection system and the first in the world that allows users to code Star Rating attributes based on 3D mobile LiDAR data. RoadViewer uses existing data captured by TomTom as part of its global mobile mapping (MoMa)...

How road authorities use high-quality map data to make roads safer for everyone

Reproduced from TomTom blog. Story by Bart Volckaert. Road crashes take a huge toll on individuals, their families, and nations, claiming the lives of more than 3,000 people each day and costing 3% of global GDP on average. By identifying and prioritizing...

iRAP releases Plan for 2nd Decade of Action

iRAP has released its Plan for the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety to save 2,000,000+ people from death or injury, make 200,000+km of roads safer and influence USD$200 billion of road infrastructure investment to save lives in the next 10 years. With the theme...

Monica Olyslagers presents AiRAP at IRF Annual Meeting

iRAP Global Innovation Manager Monica Olyslagers will present AiRAP at the IRF Annual Meeting on 21 October in a session on "Unleashing the Potential of Digitalisation in the Road Sector". Registration is free for the International Road Federation (IRF)'s annual...

Event Summary: 2021 Innovation Workshop

Summary The 2021 iRAP Innovation Workshop was held on 7 and 14 October 2021 and attracted 1,314 registrations from 124 countries. It was co-hosted by iRAP and the Regional Road Safety Observatories in Africa (ARSO), Asia-Pacific (APRSO), Ibero-America (OISEVI), Europe...

Using fleets to map the safety of our streets

Using fleets to map the safety of our streets was the focus of an innovative session joined by iRAP CEO Rob McInerney recently at the Together for Safer Roads (TSR) Annual Meeting in the USA. On 14 September, Rob presented in the session alongside leading fleet...

iRAP proud to present at UN “AI for Road Safety” Launch

iRAP presented at the launch of the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety and the UN Envoy on Technology and the International Telecommunications Union’s new “AI for Road Safety" initiative on 6 October. The new global initiative will focus on the use...

Join in 5 Languages: 2021 Innovation Workshop with Regional Road Safety Observatories “Data Driven Innovation to Save Lives”

The 2021 iRAP Innovation Workshop co-hosted with the Regional Road Safety Observatories will be presented free in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian) on 7 and 14 October and will shine a light on “Data Driven Innovation to Halve Global Road...

Main Roads WA and Anditi break ground in AiRAP coding

Main Roads Western Australia and Anditi have revolutionized road safety assessments with an approach which automatically detects road infrastructure data applied on 2,000km of roads across the State. In their goal of Star Rating the safety of 80 per cent of the...

Australian innovation project leads world on automated data capture for RAP assessments

Improving road safety performance is a priority for all levels of government in Australia and an iMOVE project is leading the way on innovative approaches to capturing road feature data for road safety Star Ratings. The initiative is being led by Transport for NSW...

Big data and artificial intelligence can play a lead role in building the social and economic business case for safer roads and create the scale of change needed to save millions of lives. The accelerated and intelligent collection and coding of road attribute data has the potential to reduce the time and effort required to undertake road safety assessments, reduce the costs and improve accuracy.

Together with its road safety Star Ratings and fatality and serious injury estimation models, iRAP’s AiRAP initiative has the potential to put this road safety data at the fingertips of road authorities, policy-makers, investors and road users worldwide.

AiRAP aims to capture the advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, vision systems, LIDAR, telematics and other data sources to deliver critical information on road safety, crash performance, investment prioritisation for all road users. The data would meet iRAP’s common global standard, which is already being used globally for recording of road features that impact road safety to streamline and benchmark performance.

The accelerated and intelligent coding of these attributes will also enable the scale and frequency of data collection to support comprehensive performance tracking over time. This will support decision-making and investment prioritisation on the scale needed to help meet the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 3.6; To halve road deaths and serious injuries by 2030.

iRAP’s AiRAP initiative involves two principle elements:

  1. The AiRAP attribute accreditation will verify that source data converted into iRAP attributes meets iRAP’s stringent quality requirements and is scalable; That is, it can be consistently applied across specified geographic locations and road types.
  2. The AiRAP ‘Data Marketplace’ will connect those needing data with those supplying it.

 How does AiRAP differ from current methods of data collection?

AiRAP methods are different from conventional RAP data collection methods, which typically require:

  • Road surveys to collect video footage of the road (and collect traffic flow and speed data if this is not known)
  • Road attribute coding using video data and manual coding teams, and
  • Preparation of the data to enable it to be processed to produce Star Ratings and Investment Plans.

AiRAP will be able to complement or substitute the conventional methods used for road surveys, coding and supporting data collection. AiRAP attribute capture may or may not require a road survey depending on the type of source data being used. Source data is processed into a format compatible with the systems used to produce Star Ratings and Investment Plans.

AiRAP will be the conduit by which suppliers can provide access to and/or sell globally consistent source data and attributes via new channels to the market to help deliver faster, more affordable and more accurate data for the purposes of KPI reporting of individual iRAP attributes, iRAP Light Data Metrics, iRAP Star Ratings, Fatality Estimations and Safer Roads Investment Plans.

To support this, AiRAP attribute accreditation will ensure data meets iRAP’s global specifications and quality standards to ensure investors, decision-makers and road planners can continue to trust RAP results. This approach will also ensure harmonised data worldwide that will support a viable AiRAP market and local, national, regional and global benchmarking and performance tracking.

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