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Celebrating all the RAP Awards for Excellence since 2004!

iRAP and its partners in more than 100 countries are making a difference saving lives and serious injuries on safer roads around the world every day. Whether it be as a collaboration of partners establishing an effective national road assessment programme or a single person working at a computer applying specialist skills – every contribution is empowering our charity’s impact and the sum of global efforts to save lives! We appreciate, recognise and applaud their excellence.

RAP Received Awards

iRAP Issued Awards

Gary Liddle Memorial Trophy

Global Innovation Award

  • 2020 – Presented to Sweden for the lifesaving safety impacts of its 2+1 with wire rope median road design
  • 2017 – Presented to Ashghal Qatar for the innovative work of the team at Ashghal, TRL and FPZ for their Star Rating for Designs software development

5-Star Performer Awards

Asia Pacific Star Performer Award

  • 2015 – Presented to Philippines Department of Public Works and Highways and Automobile Association Philippines (AAP)
  • 2013 – Presented to Road Safety Research Centre (RSRC), Research Institute of Highway (RIOH), Ministry of Transport, China for application of ChinaRAP programme
  • 2012 – Presented to New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and the New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA) for joint application of KiwiRAP programme

 5-Star Volunteer Award

  • 2021 – Presented to Rob Lupton, freelance Power BI and Query specialist, volunteered to help improve data management for iRAP Connect Partner Management System
  • 2020 – Presented to Nick Davey, freelance Dynamics 365 and Business Application Software specialist, volunteered to help build iRAP Connect and Partner Portal
  • 2017 – Presented to Alison Leeson, Australian Engineer, volunteered in India
  • 2013 – Presented to Emily McLean, Australian Engineer, volunteered in Vietnam
  • 2013 – Presented to Nana Soetantri, Australian Engineer, volunteered in Indonesia
  • 2013 – Presented to Morgan Fletcher, Australian Engineer, volunteered in Mexico
  • 2013 – Presented to Adam Ritzinger, Australian Engineer, volunteered in the Philippines
  • 2013 – Presented to Gina Waibl, New Zealand Engineer, volunteered in Bangladesh
  • 2013 – Presented to Nicole Borkowsky, Australian Engineer, volunteered to help build our quality systems

iRAP Peter Kissinger Awards for Staff

Prince Michael presents to the winners at the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards 2019. Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards recognise outstanding achievement and innovation world-wide. 

Thailand’s Department of Rural Roads (DRR) awarded IRF Global Achievement Award 2021 in the Safety Category for its Integrated Road Safety Management System

iRAP was honoured to be awarded a 2020 Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its charitable work saving thousands of lives in more than 100 countries worldwide. 

MIROS iRAP Malaysia awarded the 2017 iRAP 5-Star Performer Award presented at the Road Safety in Asia Conference held in Manila.

iRAP’s Dr Steve Lawson received an AIRSO 50th Anniversary Road Safety Award 2015 in recognition of his significant contribution to road safety.

The Prince Michael Award recognises iRAP’s efforts to scale-up action on road infrastructure safety and tackle the global epidemic of road traffic injuries.

KiwiRAP has been awarded the International Road Federation Global Road Achievement Award for Road Safety.

iRAP has been fortunate to benefit from the support of a number of volunteers who have graciously shared their time, expertise and enthusiasm for road safety. In 2013 we recognising their valuable contributions to our efforts to save lives with the ‘5-star volunteer’ award.

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