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To support the Decade of Action for Road Safety and help countries halve road deaths and injuries by 2030, iRAP methodologies and tools are freely available for use around the world. 

As a charity, our lifesaving work is only made possible through the generosity of our donors. We also benefit greatly from the goodwill of many individuals and research organisations around the world who are committed to saving lives through safer roads. 

Every year, we invest over USD 500,000 in hosting, maintaining, and developing the online road safety software, ViDA and its associated systems, supporting around 150,000km of new safety assessments each year, and about 1 million km of analysis and processing. We continuously work to raise funds to improve VIDA and pay for the costs of servers and other consumables that are required so that everyone can have access to VIDA either freely or for a donation that does not deter its use. 

There is no license fee or charge for using the iRAP software, ViDA and users in not-for-profit organisations or in an authority working on improving roads in a low-income country are not asked to pay anything for using the software. 

However, we do encourage users that are i) charging fees for services provided or ii) an authority making significant use of VIDA in a medium or high income country, to make a contribution on a “feels fair” basis. 

We welcome all contributions, which are vitally important in ensuring that these activities are sustainable and remain accessible to every country. Contributions are voluntary and the scale of the contribution is at your discretion. 

As guide:

  • $10,000 allows us to provide 4 months of hosting for ViDA and its associated systems.
  • $50,000 allows us to provide maintenance for ViDA and its associated systems.
  • $75,000 allows us to participate in innovation partnerships that are used to evolve the models.
  • $150,000 allows us to invest in the development of new features. 

If you would like to contribute, you may do so here or by contacting iRAP’s CFO, Shona Holroyd.

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The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) is a Registered Charity with UN ECOSOC Consultative Status.
iRAP is registered in England and Wales under company number 05476000
Charity number 1140357

Registered office: 60 Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DS
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