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ViDA is iRAP’s free-to-air online platform. It is the data processing engine for Star Ratings, FSI Estimates and Investment Plans, hosting data and analysing results, and the portal for iRAP’s tools: SR4D, the Star Rating Demonstrator.

ViDA is free to access and use and enables users to investigate interactive reports, create data and manage secure access to their data. ViDA can be integrated within road authority systems utilizing its API. This enables data to be transferred from asset management tools and the Star Ratings accessed.

How an iRAP assessment works – Thanks to ANASEVI and SEMIC for producing this video on how an iRAP assessment and ViDA works to generate Star Ratings, Fatality and Serious Injury Estimations and Safer Roads Investment Plans to inform safety improvements and eliminate high-risk roads.

ViDA New Feature: Empower data-driven decisions with the all-new, improved Quality Assurance (QA) monitoring in ViDA!

This powerful update streamlines your workflow and boosts the reliability of your datasets: QA at Your Fingertips: Record QA completion directly within the dataset edit page (stages 2-6). Detailed Documentation: Record who conducted the QA and the processes they used...

ViDA New Feature: Decimal Star Ratings now in iRAP Demonstrator

Get a clearer picture of road safety with the all-new Decimal Star Ratings in the iRAP Demonstrator.  This update provides you with: Finer-grained safety scores: Go beyond the traditional star rating system. Decimals give you a more precise understanding of the safety...

#RAPKnowledgeLive Session 8: A deep dive into ViDA – Recording now available

Over 147 Road Safety Champions From 53 Countries Tune in to Learn About ViDA's Latest Advancements The #RAPKnowledgeLive series recently held its 8th session, titled "Lifting the lid on ViDA – the free global road safety platform analysing the safety of roads...

Updated iRAP Crash Risk Mapping Manual Now Available

Stats on crashes that cause death and serious injury are the ultimate indicator of road safety performance on road networks. We are proud to announce the updated iRAP Crash Risk Mapping Manual is now available. This essential resource reflects the latest knowledge and...

25,000km of Crash Risk Mapping for Spain released

The RACC Mobility Club and Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE) have presented their 20th edition of annual Crash Risk Mapping of the Spanish road network. For the first time in six years, the sections of the State Highway Network with a "high risk" of serious or...

Road Safety Performance and Investment Opportunities – Britain’s Motorways and ‘A’ Roads Crash Risk Mapping Results 2023

This year’s report tracks the safety performance of motorways and ‘A’ roads in Great Britain, These roads make up less than 13 per cent of the whole network, but almost 60 per cent of all fatal crashes and more than 40 per cent of serious road crashes occur on these...

14,800km of Tunisia Risk Mapping complete

University of Sfax has completed a 14,800 km of Risk Mapping assessment of Tunisia's road network to inform an understanding of crash risk and evidence-based investment to reduce road traffic deaths and reduce serious injuries in the country. Tunisia is the second...

RAP Tools to Support the Global Plan

iRAP and its partners have developed a suite of tools that use the iRAP methodology to support the Global Plan for Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030, which sets a target of 50% reduction in road deaths and injuries.These RAP Tools also support the achievement...

Update for ViDA Creators – ViDA updates scheduled for June 2021

Image above demonstrates what the validation errors will look like. Dear ViDA Creator, iRAP is keen to ensure the iRAP tool suite operates as best it can, with this in mind I am pleased to let you know that upload file validation process will be enhanced on Monday 28...

ViDA user guide and SR4D guide now available in Spanish

We have updated the ViDA user guide and the Star Rating for Designs user guide, and have made them available in Spanish as well as English. ViDA User Guide - This guide introduces ViDA, iRAP’s online analysis and reporting tool, and provides instructions for accessing...

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