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iRAP Centre of Excellence ARRB has launched NetRisk2, a local adaption tool of the iRAP Methodology to enhance the identification, prioritisation and treatment of Australia’s high-risk roads.

The tool brings together iRAP Star Ratings and the Australian National Risk Assessment Model (ANRAM) using AusRAP data as an additional infrastructure risk assessment option. It offers enhanced and automated reporting of star ratings, crash risk and fatality and serious injury estimations in the Australian context.

Watch introduction video below

AI&Me Scalability Analysis Report – empowering youth at the heart of mobility

Original content from the AIP Foundation  AIP Foundation’s innovative Big Data and AI road safety program, AI&Me: Empowering Youth for Safer Roads, has been positively engaging youth to raise their voices for safe mobility across Vietnam. Earlier this year,...

ViDA New Feature: Empower data-driven decisions with the all-new, improved Quality Assurance (QA) monitoring in ViDA!

This powerful update streamlines your workflow and boosts the reliability of your datasets: QA at Your Fingertips: Record QA completion directly within the dataset edit page (stages 2-6). Detailed Documentation: Record who conducted the QA and the processes they used...

ViDA New Feature: Decimal Star Ratings now in iRAP Demonstrator

Get a clearer picture of road safety with the all-new Decimal Star Ratings in the iRAP Demonstrator.  This update provides you with: Finer-grained safety scores: Go beyond the traditional star rating system. Decimals give you a more precise understanding of the safety...

How many lives and serious injuries saved?: Join our webinar to hear JHU research unveiled

A peer-reviewed study led by world-leading researchers at Johns Hopkins University and published by a respected scientific journal has estimated the number of lives and serious injuries saved on roads made safer by iRAP partners worldwide. The study is the first...

Shedding Light on Local Journeys: Using Mobility Snapshots to Rate Your Local Commute, with a Focus on Safer Intersections and Pedestrian Mobility

The daily commute. It's a familiar routine, a journey most of us take without a second thought. But what if we told you that for many around the world, that seemingly ordinary trip can be fraught with danger, especially at high-risk intersections? This is the reality...

Global experts inform ongoing development of iRAP tools

iRAP's Global Technical Committee (GTC) met last week as part of their important function to govern the iRAP model development and technical integrity of iRAP protocols worldwide. Key topics of discussion were the development of a shunt / rear end crash type for the...

Missed the #RAPKnowledgeLive session on the Star Rating for Designs web app updates? Recording is now available!

On Wednesday 28 June 2023, over 50 delegates across 25 countries attended our third monthly #RAPKnowledgeLive session highlighting the exciting updates to the Star Rating for Designs web app. In this session, our guest presenter Marko Sevrovic, Senior Road Safety...

Missed the #RAPKnowledgeLive session on the Route Review Tool? Recording is now available!

On Tuesday 16 April 2023, over 75 delegates across 34 countries attended our second monthly #RAPKnowledgeLive session on the new Route Review Tool In this session our presenters (James Bradford, Global Technical Director iRAP and Dr Suzy Charman, Executive Director...

Global Safer Roads Resources shared: Connecting Project directories, data platforms, policies, innovation and capacity building for benefit of all

A world-first compilation of Safer Roads Resources including global road infrastructure project directories, road safety data platforms, innovation initiatives, capacity building and training resources, and road safety policy and strategy knowledge has been launched...

You are invited – EuroRAP Lunchtime Seminar: Performance Tracking using Star Ratings

REGISTRATION OPENDATE: 08 NOVEMBER 2022TIME: 1.00PM - 2.00PM (CET)Free of charge Introduction: Star Ratings of a road network provide an opportunity to measure changes in road safety performance over time. Star Rating performance tracking can measure the direct...
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