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2022 Vehicle Speeds and the iRAP Protocols: A Review

iRAP is reviewing its speed risk factors used in the pedestrian and bicyclist Star Rating models to ensure they reflect the latest research and support Safe System outcomes. This review includes a literature review and discussions with leading experts in this field. This document summarises the findings and presents a series of recommendations

2022 Ai&Me Big Data Analysis: Methodology for Assessing High-risk Schools Report

This report aims to present the methodological steps and attributes used in big data screening approach of the Ai&Me Project, Vietnam.

2020 CycleRAP Research and Review – Evaluation and Literature Review Report

This report is the summation of a detailed evaluation of the CycleRAP model and literature review, with
the aim of strengthening the link between the model and available evidence.

2019 ThaiRAP Analysis report – Speed Variation Analysis: A Case Study for Thailand’s Streets and Roads

This report highlights how Speed Management is an important part of the Safe System Approach and how a simple speed variation can impact the safety of all road users.

2019 iRAP report – Road Safety Risk Assessment of the Cagayan de Oro – Davao – General Santos Highway

iRAP was invited to assess risk on the national highway connecting the city of Cagayan de Oro – to the city of Davao “the provincial capital of Mindanao” – and to the city of General Santos.

2018 PakistanRAP Star Rating Summary Report – iRAP Safety Assessment of National Highway 5

This report communicates the objectives and the results of the PakistanRAP assessments for National Highway 5 (N-5).

2018 iRAP report – Road Safety Risk Assessment of Farm to Market Roads (Philippines Rural Development Project)

iRAP was invited to systematically assess risk on a sample of recently completed FMRs and FMR designs.

2018 EuroRAP – Roads that cars can read report III

Tackling the Transition to Automated vehicles 2018This paper takes our knowledge of crash types and frequencies and considers how each might change as increasingly-automated vehicles enter the fleet.

2016 Technical Report – UNESCAP Asian Highway Network Standard Review Overall Report

The objective of this report is to provide detailed inputs towards the development of technical standards for road infrastructure safety facilities along the Asian Highway (AH) Network.

2016 iRAP Discussion paper – Star Rating Policy Targets

Governments, development agencies and concession road owners are now actively using or considering the use of star rating targets. This discussion paper has been prepared to help inform those policy positions.

2016 iRAP factsheet – G20 Infrastructure Investment

G20 Infrastructure Investment Can Save 40,000,000 People. This fact sheet includes road safety statistics for G20 countries and outlines what G20 countries could achieve through target investment in safer roads.

2015 iRAP Policy factsheet – Star rating targets (English)

This factsheet supports the application of star rating targets by policy makers worldwide. It provides an overview of iRAP, the basis of the global Star Rating Methodology and the free use materials worldwide.

2015 iRAP Policy factsheet – Star rating targets (Spanish)

Objetivos de la Clasificación por Estrellas: Hoja Informativa de la Política de iRAP
Esta hoja informativa apoya a los gestores de políticas a nivel mundial en la aplicación de objetivos de clasificación por estrellas.

2015 iRAP Policy factsheet – Star rating targets (French)

Objectifs du système de notation par étoiles: iRAP – Fiche descriptive des politiques

Cette fiche descriptive encourage l’application par les décideurs à travers le monde d’objectifs de notation par étoiles.

2015 iRAP Policy factsheet – Star rating targets (Russian)

Цели Звёздного рейтинга: Политика Международной программы оценки дорог 

Данный бюллетень поддерживает применение целей Звёздного рейтинга политиками во всём мире.

2013 ARRB Research Report: Safe System infrastructure

This report provides a summary of a workshop held in Bangkok, Thailand as part of the 2012 GRSP / iRAP Asia Pacific Workshop, involving delegates from governments and road authorities around the Asia-Pacific region.

2013 iRAP Technical paper – Relationship between Star Ratings and Crash Costs 

Bruce Highway, Australia: The results of this study provide a means of quantifying the social and economic benefits that would be realised by improving Star Ratings of the Bruce Highway.

2013 iRAP factsheet – The Global Cost of Road Crashes

This fact sheet outlines the global cost of road crashes in 2010 based on the Global Status Report on Road Safety (WHO, 2013) and the True Cost of Road Crashes (iRAP, 2008).

2013 EuroRAP Consultation Paper – Roads that cars can read report II

This report identifies that the national and local variations in standards for basic road markings and signs can be migrated at low cost during normal replacement cycles.

2012 iRAP Report – Baseline data collection in India: Karnataka Phase

iRAP commissioned JP Research to prepare this report, which includes baseline crash, traffic and speed data for roads in Karnataka, India.

2012 iRAP Report – Star Rating Road Design (India)

This report describes how iRAP Star Ratings, which provide a simple and objective measure of the level of safety attained by a given road network, were used to help shape the safe design of 550km of concession roads in India.

2012 iRAP Innovation Workshop Report – summary notes

This first Innovation Workshop brought together experts in road safety engineering from iRAP Centres of Excellence and active iRAP programmes around the world to share knowledge and innovation.

2012 iRAP report – Development of Risk Models for RAP

This paper, written by David Lynam (TRL), is a retrospective on the development of the RAP models and, in particular, the original ‘Version 1.0’ model.

2012 iRAP Report – Baseline Data Collection in India: Gujarat Phase

iRAP commissioned JP Research to prepare this report, which includes baseline crash, traffic and speed data for roads in Gujarat, India.

2011 EuroRAP Consultation Paper – Roads that cars can read report I

This Consultation paper seeks to provoke debate and help define how roads of the future should combine with the vehicles of the future as technology advances.

2011 iRAP Philippines Technical paper – Phase 1 report and results

This report provides an overview of the results produced in the project as part of Phase 1.

2011 iRAP Philippines Technical paper – Phase 2 report and results

This report provides an overview of the results produced in the project as part of Phase 2.

2011 iRAP/EuroRAP Working paper – Before and After Studies Using Crash Data and iRAP Protocols

This paper discusses various options to evaluate the safety impact of infrastructure improvements, including crash data and Star Ratings.

2011 EuroRAP Comparison paper – Crash Rate-Star Rating

This is a review of 11 studies that make comparisons between average crash rates, costs or severities and the Road Assessment Programme’s Star Rating or Road Protection Score (RPS).

2011 iRAP report – Star Rating Road Improvements (Malaysia)

This report describes a methodology that uses iRAP Road Protection Scores (RPS) and Star Ratings to estimate the change in road safety risk as a result of infrastructure improvements undertaken at several high risk sites in Malaysia.

2011 EuroRAP Report – Star Rating from Road Design Plans (Moldova)

Summarises the results of an independent road safety assessment into the preliminary designs of the eastern section of the M21 Road in Moldova and the final design of the Road Rehabilitation Project (RRP) M2R7.

2010 iRAP Model Review Workshop Report

This high-level workshop, held in 2010, was organised to assess and peer review the iRAP methodology.

2010 iRAP Technical paper – Saving Lives Through Investment in Safer Roads

This paper provides an update on progress with RAP programs worldwide, including a number of case studies from countries where studies have been completed.

2010 iRAP Position paper – Vehicle Speeds and the iRAP Protocols

Vehicle speed is a critical aspect of managing a safe road system, and influences iRAP Star Ratings and Safer Roads Investment Plans. This report sets out iRAP policy on use of speed in its assessments.

2009 iRAP Contract Report – Review of iRAP Risk Parameters

As part of its periodic assessment of available information and research evidence, iRAP commissioned the ARRB Group to undertake a review of the iRAP risk factors.

2008 EuroRAP Position paper – Barriers to Change: Designing Safe Roads for Motorcyclists

The report, by a Motorcycle Safety Review Panel, finds crash barriers can be designed so that riders have some protection against the features that cause devastating injuries.

iRAP Road Safety factsheet – SDG targets

Supports the application of star rating targets by policy makers worldwide. It provides an overview of iRAP, the basis of the global Star Rating Methodology and the free use of materials worldwide.

iRAP Discussion paper – The True Cost of Road Crashes

This paper from Dahdah and McMahon provides a practical, useable estimates of the cost of a fatality and a serious injury for any country at any point in its state of economic development.

iRAP Discussion paper – Road Deaths in Developing Countries: the Challenge of Dysfunctional Roads

This paper by Dr John Mumford examines the statistical evidence on how closely rising road deaths and rising motorisation are linked.

iRAP Policy Framework report – Safe Roads for Development

This policy framework is designed to assist policy makers in low- and middle-income countries harness the enormous benefits of safe road infrastructure.

iRAP Discussion paper – Safer Road Infrastructure Bonds

This paper is designed to generate discussion on the potential for various investment options, such as Social Impact Bonds, to provide a mechanism to increase investment in safe road infrastructure.

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