The iRAP Safety Insights Explorer shines a light on the true scale of road crashes, the safety of the world’s roads, and the positive impact that can be made with investment.

With the iRAP Safety Insights Explorer you can explore:

  • Estimates of the numbers and types of injuries that occur for every country by age and sex.
  • Star Ratings and key design attributes for more than 502,000km of roads in 84 countries.
  • The business case for investing in safer roads, including the  life-saving impact of ensuring that most travel occurs on roads rated 3-stars or better for everyone for every country.


Key notes on use

  • The iRAP Safety Insights Explorer has been created by iRAP with financial and in-kind support from charitable foundations, governments, development institutions, companies, research centres and individuals worldwide, particularly the FIA Foundation and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).
  • iRAP created and administers the iRAP Safety Insights Explorer for general benefit. We want its use to help make the world’s roads safer to use.  
  • In using the iRAP Safety Insights Explore, you are agreeing to the ViDA terms of use.
  • iRAP assessments have been performed on more than 1.4 million km of roads in more than 100 countries. The data used in the iRAP Safety Insights Explore are  based on a sample of data in these assessments, totalling 501,858km across 84 countries.
  • The results in the iRAP Safety Insights Explore are based assessments of a limited number of roads in each country. The results therefore might not be reflective of the condition of all roads in a country. While a direct comparison of overall results for countries is not encouraged, Carriageway Type and Flow filters can be useful to focus on performance on similar types of roads.
  • Where there are no pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists or vehicle occupants on a road, a Star Rating is not reported.
  • More details on the iRAP Methodology is available online. 
  • Human Impact and Business Case for Safer Roads estimates are based on data and methodology described on the respective webpages. Where countries have more detailed or accurate data, that should be used in preference to these high-level estimates.
  • If you want to know more about the data, or to provide in-kind assistance to review, enhance and expand the global analysis, please contact [email protected]
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