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Watch introduction videos highlighting the features and benefits of iRAP products.

ViDA – Star Rating, FSI, and SRIP Viewer is free to access and use, it enables users to investigate interactive reports for the Star Ratings, Fatal and Serious Injury estimations, and the Safer Roads Investment Plans.

ViDA – Star Rating, FSI, and SRIP Engine is free to access and use and enables users to create data and manage secure access to their data. ViDA can be integrated within road authority systems utilizing its API. This enables data to be transferred from asset management tools and the Star Ratings accessed.

ViDA – Star Rating Demonstrator is a tool within ViDA that enables Star Ratings and Star Rating for Designs (SR4D) at individual locations. With the Demonstrator, it is possible to quickly produce a Star Rating and test the effect that changes to road attributes will have in risk and Star Ratings. The Demonstrator is also a valuable teaching and learning tool, enabling those learning about Star Ratings (from politicians to University students) to gain an intuitive insight into road infrastructure risk management.

ViDA – SR4D web app is a tool developed with support from the World Bank to assist with Star Rating designs and can be used for small to medium assessments of existing roads or road designs. It is designed to make Star Ratings available as part of the road design process so that designers can consider the key road safety elements and the implications of a design as they undertake a road design. It does so by enabling the road designer to access information about the existing road conditions (through imaging such as Google Street View) and upload designs directly into the application.

ViDA – Route Review Tool (RRT) is a web tool for road safety engineers. The RRT makes it easy to work with iRAP results and turn ideas into real road safety changes. With the RRT, users can check Safer Roads Investment Plans along with the initial road assessment and predictions for fatal and serious injuries. It lets users suggest changes and use the iRAP model to estimate how much it might reduce injuries. Plus, the RRT shows how the suggested changes would affect the Star Ratings of the roads.

Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) is a programme of tools, training and support to measure, manage and communicate the risk children are exposed to on a journey to school. SR4S combines a central web application and data collection mobile apps that harness the power of the iRAP Star Rating for Pedestrians. Once the risk is measured, effective scenarios of road treatments and their impact on safety can be simulated to identify cost-effect solutions. ​

SR4S Youth Engagement App (YEA) – YEA offers young people an efficient way to identify and report high-risk road conditions, providing them with a platform for their voices to be heard.

The CycleRAP Demonstrator enables the quick assessment of crash risk and safety issues on streets or cycling facilities. It allows users to quickly input the presence of different infrastructure attributes to obtain a CycleRAP Score and risk level from low to extreme. It helps those interested in the CycleRAP model understand how it works.

The iRAP Safety Insights Explorer shines a light on the true scale of road crashes, the safety of the world’s roads, and the positive impact that can be made with investment. With the iRAP Safety Insights Explorer you can explore: Estimates of the numbers and types of injuries that occur, Star Ratings and key design attributes for more than 502,000km of roads in 84 countries, and the business case for investing in safer roads.

The Road Safety Toolkit provides free information on the causes and prevention of road crashes that result in death and injury. Building on decades of road safety research, the Toolkit has helped policy makers, planners, engineers and practitioners develop safety plans for car occupants, motorcyclists, pedestrians, bicyclists, heavy vehicle occupants and public transport users.

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ViDA – Route Review Tool Speed management update (RRT) – is a series of enhancements aimed at providing additional intelligence for the user to review to determine the best strategic approach for treatment of a route. Creating a framework for speed management decision making that aligns to the safe system through the alignment of functional, safe and driven speeds.

The Network screening tool is designed to help road network managers segment their road network to the point where road stereotypes can be developed. From this network wide assessments can be carried out with high-level Star Ratings and FSI estimates, thereby guiding them to where full Star Rating assessment should be carried out.

The Design screening tool is designed to help road designers carry out high level safety assessments while the road design is still in the concept phase. Enabling them to create road stereotypes for homogenous lengths of road from the concept design plans, before providing them with high-level Star Ratings and FSI estimations for the road design.

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