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“Statistics are people with the tears wiped away”, Dr. Irving Selikoff, public health clinician

Thanks to the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Vital Strategies we are able to share stories of those affected by road crashes. Stories of a life with brain injury, quadriplegia, spinal injury and limb fractures. Stories of a loved one lost. Stories that began with a preventable pedestrian crash, run-off road crash, head-on crash, intersection crash, bicycle or motorcycle crash.  Stories of courage and despair. These are real stories of human impact – and our need to take action that will prevent crashes and needless suffering.

Real stories of the impact of road trauma:

Severe Brain Injury

Micaela’s story

“There are so many hard days” Micaela has had to choose a different path for her life after a run-off road crash into a tree.

Chelsea’s story

“For the first month they weren’t sure if she’d survive” Chelsea was 5 year’s old when she was hit by a 4WD and left with a severe brain injury.

460,000 Severe Brain Injuries a year worldwide.

Jermaine’s story

“I had to be retaught how to walk, talk, and pick up a spoon. I couldn’t go to the bathroom on my own” Jermaine was in a coma for a week after his crash.

Limb Fractures

Julie’s story

“I don’t mind if I can’t move it that well I just want to keep my leg”.  Julie was in an induced coma for eight days after her head-on crash left her trapped in the vehicle. 

Bridget’s story

“…who is going to take care of my family? My children need me. How will I go to work?” Bridget was run over trying to cross the road as a pedestrian.

7,200,000 Limb Fractures a year worldwide.

Ken’s story

“Why did it happen to me?”  Ken considered self-harm after being struck by a car while on his bicycle crash on a rural road.  With help, he is positive and things are working again.

Quadriplegia and Paraplegia

Antonio’s story

“I can’t walk but at the end of the day I’m going to go out there and give life a crack”.” Antonio was injured in a car crash on the way to work. 

Daniela’s story

“The car crash could have been avoided” Daniela is now a quadriplegic after an intersection crash where a driver ran a red light and hit her car. 

80,000 Quadriplegia and Paraplegia injuries a year worldwide.

Josh’s story

“I dislocated my neck and became a C6/C7 quadriplegic” Josh was heading to the coast and the car he was in lost control and rolled down a 20-foot embankment. 

Head, Brain and Spinal Injury

Pariyada’s story

“I was hit on a zebra crossing” Pariyada wanted to be a vet prior to being hit at the crossing on a high-speed road.

David’s story

“I’ve been a claimant of TAC for 10 years and one month” David was going for a ride on a nice sunny day and was hit by a car, rolled down the bonnet and the car ran him over.  With a broken back, 11 broken ribs, broken wrist, collar-bone and jaw it “was quite a big impact”.

3,030,000 Brain Injuries a year worldwide.


310,000 Spinal Injuries a year worldwide.

Guido’s story

“Not sure what the next 6 months look like” Guido hopes by next summer he can be back to doing what he did before a rear-end crash on the way home from work.

Other Injuries

Dita’s story

“My helmet came off and the back of my neck hit the pavement” Dita has complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) after her motorcycle crash at an intersection. Dita has severe pain 24 hours a day.

20,000,000 other injuries like degloving, nerve damage, internal injuries, burns and loss of sight a year worldwide.

Lives Lost

Savio’s story

“I lost my dreams. I lost my 50 years of happy marriage. I lost my happiness” Savio’s wife of one year was killed by a drunk driver.

Victor’s story

“She sentenced the whole family to life imprisonment of pain” Nilton’s nephew Victor was 23 when he was walking along a sidewalk and killed by a speeding driver.

1,320,000 lives lost a year worldwide. How many in your country?

Luca’s story

“I saw Luca lying on the street lifeless” Luca’s mother recalls the moment that her son was killed by a speeding driver in 2015 in Bolivia.

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