AusRAP news: Tonkin Highway Extension Design awarded iRAP Certification for Safety

Arup, on behalf of Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA), has been awarded iRAP Certification for achieving 3, 4 and 5-star safety ratings for the proposed design of the Tonkin Highway Extension project in Western Australia. The design achieved a 5-star iRAP safety...

New Guide: Integrating Safety into Road Design

The World Bank’s new Guide to Integrating Safety into Road Design recognises the iRAP Star Rating, the Star Rating for Designs Tool and Road Assessment Programmes as valuable measures for ensuring safety is systematically embedded in road designs to save lives. Whilst...

Transurban achieves 4-star demonstrating international leadership in urban toll road safety

Australian urban toll road operator Transurban has been awarded iRAP Certification for achieving a 4-star safety rating on its network by vehicle kilometres travelled. iRAP congratulates Transurban on its safety leadership and this impressive result which exceeds the...

Certification programme launches to celebrate 3-star or better success

iRAP has launched a Star Rating Certification Programme to help road owners celebrate the life-saving impact of their investments in safer roads. Star Rating Certification verifies achievement of 3-star or better safety ratings on road networks for vehicle occupants,...

Indonesian Toll Road “Prof. Dr. Ir. Soedijatmo” Awarded iRAP Certification

For the second consecutive year, an Indonesian toll road has been awarded a 3-Star or Better iRAP Certification, being achieved for the ‘Prof. Dr. Ir. Soedijatmo’ (Soedijatmo) Toll Road. The result is a manifestation of PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk's commitment to...

Indonesian toll roads awarded iRAP Certification

Photo caption: Ms Fitri Wiyanti – Director of Operation, Mr Subakti Syukur – President Director and Mr Bagus Cahya Arinta – Regional Jasamarga Metropolitan Tollroad Division Head, Jasa Marga In a virtual signing event this week, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk has been...

Yangpu District Transport Commission (China) achieves a 5 Star Rating for bicyclists and pedestrians

Congratulations to the Yangpu District Transport Commission on achieving a 5 Star Rating for bicyclists and pedestrians for its recent upgrades on Zhengtong Road, Shanghai. Tuesday 16 April: At a Safer Streets and Safety Mobility Forum in Shanghai this week, the...

… helping you measure outcomes and celebrate success

The Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 sets a target of a 50% reduction in road deaths and injuries, and encourages countries to set ambitious Star Rating targets for road networks and designs.

Star Rating Certification can help road owners celebrate the life-saving impact of their investments in safer roads and raise awareness about their commitment to the Global Plan and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What is Star Rating Certification?

Any road or design that has been assessed using the iRAP Star Rating methodology is eligible for Star Rating Certification. Certification is a voluntary process and can be performed for vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, pedestrians and/or bicyclists.

For example:

  • A road authority may request a Star Rating Certification for a length of highway that now achieves a minimum 3-Stars for vehicle occupants;
  • A municipality may request a Star Rating Certification for the redesign of a street which achieves a 5-Stars for pedestrians and bicyclists; or
  • A concession road operator may request Certification of the distribution of Star Ratings for vehicle occupants and motorcyclists across its network.

As part of the Star Rating Certification process, Star Rating results for the road or design will be reviewed by experts in the iRAP Team. Once the Star Ratings are certified, iRAP will issue:

  • A Star Rating Certificate.
  • A Star Rating Certificate Data Sheet, which contains details of the road or design that has been certified.
  • A licence for use of the Star Rating Certification Branding in communications (such as newspaper advertising, brochures, social media posts and roadside billboards and signage).

A communications plan may also be agreed between iRAP and the applicant to support promotion of the Star Rating Certification to iRAP’s more than 20,000 partners around the world and celebrate success!

What is the Certification process?

Prior to applying for Star Rating Certification, Star Rating results must have already been produced for the road or design in accordance with iRAP Specifications. The steps for Certification are:

  1. Applicant submits request for Star Rating Certification
  2. Application is received by iRAP and a technical, communications and financial plan is agreed with the applicant.
  3. Star Rating results are reviewed by experts in the iRAP Team.
  4. Certification is awarded.

What is the fee for Certification and how long does it take?

The cost and time needed for Star Rating Certification may vary depending on several factors including length and complexity of the road or design, the quality of the original Star Rating assessment, availability of supporting documentation and communications activities. Generally, once a technical, communications and financial plan is agreed, the Certification process can be completed within 1 week.

Why do we charge a fee?

As a charity, our lifesaving work is only made possible through the generosity of our donors. We also benefit greatly from the goodwill of many individuals and research organisations around the world who are committed to saving lives through safer roads.  Fees for certification are vitally important in ensuring that these activities are sustainable and remain accessible to every country.

How can Certification be celebrated?

Improvement in Star Ratings and achievement of Star Rating targets is to be celebrated! iRAP can assist in developing a communications plan to support promotion of the Star Rating Certification. Ideas include:

  • Hold a ceremony to officially award the Certificate and/or cut ribbon on the newly improved road, creating photo opportunities for key stakeholders.
  • Make announcements in iRAP and applicant communications via social media and websites – iRAP communications can reach more than 20,000 partners around the world.
  • Produce roadside billboards to advertise to road users that they are using a 3, 4 or 5-star road.
  • Produce opinion articles and advertisements celebrating the achievement in journals and news media.

Star Rating Certificate provided electronically for local printing and can be reproduced in photo billboard format for roadside ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Standard page size: A4


Social media promotion

Sample roadside billboard featuring Star Rating and partner logos




Ceremonial photo opportunities celebrating key partners such as Government Ministers, funding agencies, engineering and design teams, local mobility club, etc.


Review Panel

If there is an irreconcilable disagreement about the outcome of a Certification review, such as when experts in the iRAP Team are unable to certify the Star Ratings produced by the applicant, a Review Panel may be formed to verify results. The applicant is required to meet the costs of this panel process.

For more information

We look forward to helping you celebrate your 3-star or better success!

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