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A world free of high-risk roads

The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) is a registered charity dedicated to saving lives by eliminating high risk roads throughout the world. Like many life-saving charities working in the public health arena, we use a robust, evidence-based approach to prevent unnecessary deaths and suffering.

iRAP works in partnership with governments, road authorities, mobility clubs, development banks, NGOs and research organisations to:

  • Inspect high-risk roads and develop Star Ratings, Risk Maps and Safer Roads Investment Plans
  • Provide training, technology and support that will build and sustain national, regional and local capability
  • Track road safety performance so that funding agencies can assess the benefits of their investments.

iRAP has released its Plan for the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety to save 2,000,000+ people from death or injury, make 200,000+km of roads safer and influence USD$200 billion of road infrastructure investment to save lives in the next 10 years. iRAP’s Plan is aligned to the Global Plan for the Decade of Action launched in October 2021, of which achieving 3-star or better journeys is one of 5 key areas for action.

Latest news from around the world

MexiRAP launched to reduce high-risk highways

The Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT) and the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) announced today the launch of MexiRAP to reduce high-risk highways in the country and reduce the 16,000 road...

Building capacity for safer roads in Estonia and Latvia

A one-day iRAP training course was conducted in Tallinn in May for Estonian and Latvian Road Authorities helping to build capacity in the countries, and Baltics region, for safer roads. The results of Estonia’s first Star Rating pilot project were shared, providing...

120 Years of FIA: Celebrating Partnerships for Safer Journeys

More than 150 FIA mobility clubs in 96 countries are partnering with iRAP to support their advocacy and action to create safer journeys for members supported by the iRAP Methodology and tools. As clubs gather in Uzbekistan this week for the 2024 Fédération...

Event Summary: 2024 ITF Summit in Leipzig

The 2024 ITF Summit on Greening Transport: Keeping Focus in Times of Crisis took place last month in Leipzig, Germany. It was the annual Summit of the International Transport Forum, serving as the world's largest gathering of transport ministers and a premier global...

AI&Me Scalability Analysis Report – empowering youth at the heart of mobility

Original content from the AIP Foundation  AIP Foundation’s innovative Big Data and AI road safety program, AI&Me: Empowering Youth for Safer Roads, has been positively engaging youth to raise their voices for safe mobility across Vietnam. Earlier this year,...

#RAPKnowledgeLive Session 9: Learnings from High Impact RAPs

High Impact RAPs iRAP is the global umbrella organisation for a number of ‘x’RAPs – national or state Road Assessment Programmes (RAPs) - that bring together local experts, using local research and resources to eliminate high-risk roads in their countries, supported...

Event Summary: ADB Transport Forum 2024. Achieving Sustainable, Resilient Transport.

iRAP was delighted to contribute to the Asia and the Pacific ADB Transport Forum from 14 – 15 May in Manila, focussed on transport as an enabler of development in the region and ways to address the threats from climate change. Transport plays a huge role in...

Peru’s 2030 Multisector Road Safety Strategy includes iRAP for safer journeys

Peru’s Multisector Road Safety Strategy 2023-2030 includes iRAP for the enhanced management of infrastructure safety, including for urban, highway and school environments. The Strategy of Peru’s Ministry of Transport and Communications includes to: Enhance current...

Philippines 2028 Strategy includes iRAP targets for safer roads

The Philippines Department of Public Works and Highways' Strategy for 2028 includes iRAP targets for improving the safety of primary roads. The targets include: To increase the percentage of the national primary road length which achieves a 3-star or better safety...

International Women in Engineering 2024 – Training grant applications now open!

This International Women in Engineering Day (Sunday, June 23rd), we're celebrating early by offering training grants to 30 female engineers! We're passionate about increasing women's presence in the #RAPcommunity, which currently sits at just over 20%. Free Courses,...

Road Assessment Programme (RAP) activity has occurred in 128 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, North, Central and South America and Africa. The programme is the umbrella organisation for:

iRAP is financially supported by the FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society. Projects receive support from the World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility, mobility clubs, regional development banks and donors.

Our partners, charities, the motor industry and institutions such as the European Commission also support RAPs in the developed world and encourage the transfer of research and technology to iRAP. In addition, many individuals donate their time and expertise to support iRAP.

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The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) is a Registered Charity with UN ECOSOC Consultative Status.
iRAP is registered in England and Wales under company number 05476000
Charity number 1140357

Registered office: 60 Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DS
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