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Route Review Tool (RRT)

The Route Review Tool (RRT) is a web tool for road safety engineers. The RRT makes it easy to work with iRAP results and turn ideas into real road safety changes.  

With the RRT, users can check Safer Roads Investment Plans along with the initial road assessment and predictions for fatal and serious injuries. It lets users suggest changes and use the iRAP model to estimate how much it might reduce injuries. Plus, the RRT shows how the suggested changes would affect the Star Ratings of the roads.  

Here’s a quick summary of what the Route Review Tool can do: 

1. Engage with iRAP results: 

  • Review Star Ratings, Fatal and Serious Injury (FSI) Estimation, and Safer Roads Investment Plans (SRIP) at the road, section, and 100m level. 
  • Find inspiration for safe road designs using the tool. 

2. Create personalized views:  

  • Arrange the information in a way that suits their workflow. 

3. Submit Safety Ideas:  

  • Use your insights, local knowledge, and expertise to update the road safety countermeasures directly through the tool. 

4. See impact on Star Ratings and fatal and serious injuries:  

  • Check how your proposed plans affect Star Ratings for road safety. 
  • Get estimates of how these ideas could reduce FSI. 
  • Improve your understanding of the risks involved in your plans. 

5. Practical Implementation:  

  • Use the Route Review Tool as a bridge to turn iRAP results into real world road safety improvements. 
  • Make sure the final road designs are not just good on paper but also practical and highly effective. 

By using Route Review Tool you’ll make the most of iRAP Star Rating results in creating safer roads.  

The Route Review Tool is available now on iRAP’s ViDA platform for users with Creator access.  

Watch the Introduction to the Route Review Tool video

Download the Route Review Tool Guide Presentation here

For more information
Please contact:
James Bradford
Global Technical Director


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