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We are delighted to announce that the UK firm Agilysis has received AiRAP attribute accreditation for its methods to produce operating speed and vehicle flow (AADT) data from Earth Observation (satellite) imagery in accordance with iRAP specifications.

The new source data can be used to produce speed and flow data for rural roads anywhere in the world. Agilysis developed and refined the data extraction methods based on road networks in the UK, Ethiopia and Kenya as part of a research and development project funded by the World Bank and UK Aid.

Agilysis have also demonstrated the use of this data for mapping where 75% of travel occurs at a national level.

For more information about the data, click here

AiRAP accreditation is iRAP’s newest category of accreditation. It is specifically to certify the use of data derived from big data and/or machine-learning methods meets iRAP specifications. More information on AiRAP is available at

The AiRAP accreditation process is open to any data providers and is managed as part of iRAP’s broader accreditation program.

About Agilysis

Founded by established domain experts in transport research, big data analytics, road safety policy and practice, Agilysis have a vision to “transform lives though safer & healthier communities”. This ambition is achieved by supporting high performing countries into continued improvement through innovation; creating data driven insight that will underpin better policy, practice and investment decisions; and transforming road safety management by building capacity in countries looking to build more resilient road networks.

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