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iRAP programmes and projects have now been undertaken by partners in more than 100 countries worldwide. Nearly 1.5 million km of Crash Risk Mapping has now been completed and a total of over 1.1 million km of Star Rating assessments have now been completed.

Worldwide, iRAP and our regional ‘X’RAP programmes are influencing the safety of large-scale investment to the tune of over USD$33.2 million in low and middle income countries and $48.3 billion in high income countries.

Click on our interactive map to find out where we are assessing roads and helping to save lives, making roads safer in your country and around the world.

iRAP also supports many more countries with training and development assistance. For information on countries not flagged on the map, please Contact Us.

iRAP is working with local partners to support large scale road upgrades around the world. See our Case Studies for great examples from countries around the world including Australia, Belize, China, El Salvador, India, Malaysia and Great Britain. These countries are leading the way in policy implementation and road investment that will be pivotal to achieving the goal of halving road deaths and injuries and ultimately achieving vision zero.

For example:

China: Through the Ministry of Transport “Highway Safety to Cherish Life” programme an estimated 105,000km of high risk roads have already been upgraded in China. USD$2.5 billion has been invested in safety countermeasures. Read more here.

India: IndiaRAP is a locally led, globally supported road assessment programme for India. It is a collaboration between iRAP and the Asian Institute of Transport Development (AITD), generously supported by FedEx Express. Together with National and State governments and the World Bank, investments to improve many of India’s roads have been locked into ongoing and planned upgrades worth more than US$5.4 billion. Read more here.

Mexico: The award winning work by the SCT in Mexico has raised 17% of the 42,800km road network from 1 or 2-star to 3-star or better. This had led to important reductions in fatalities and serious injuries across the network.

UK: Highways England has set a target for 90% of travel on the strategic road network to be 3-star or better and is investing in Smart Motorways. The Department for Transport has mobilised a ₤175 million programme to upgrade 50 of the highest risk local authority A roads based on risk maps, star ratings and user defined investment plans. Read more here.

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