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The beliefs that guide what we do, why we do it and how we do it.

Shared purpose, passionate people
We know the value of one life.  We are here to save thousands of lives. We’re ambitious. We want the world’s roads to be safe for everyone. We want a world free of high-risk roads. We know it’s possible and we know that by working with others who share our passion, we will make it happen.  We will change the world.

Honest and evidence-based
Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people worldwide.  We know the solutions that can save lives and the science behind them. We keep up to date and we’re always on the look out for new and better ways to do things. We work with our partners to shape the future.  We do what we say we’re going to do and we tell it as it is.

Shared goals, shared success
We are focused.  Together with our partners around the world we eliminate high-risk roads and improve the safety of every journey. We work in smart ways to unlock the scale and the solutions that will save lives. We share and celebrate the success of our team and all of our partners.

We get things done
We are committed and courageous. We are efficient and reliable. We create the partnerships needed to make things happen. We know a life has not been saved until a road is upgraded, a safer mode is chosen or speeds are managed better.  We are here to make the world a safer place for the next generation and we will go the extra mile every time to make it happen.

We are family and friends
We respect each other and we care for each other. We know each other well and we remember to enjoy our work and look after our home-lives too.  We are there to support our colleagues and our partners to be the best they can be.  We take on the challenges side by side and celebrate the good things together.  We value each other.

We are innovative
We look to the future. We look for opportunities to continuously improve ourselves, our work and the work of our partners. We create the environment and framework for innovation. We listen. We know that ideas to improve and innovate can come from everyone, everywhere. We take a chance and learn from what we do. 

WHY? To save lives and reduce injuries

HOW? By creating a world free of high-risk roads

WHAT? Star Rating, Risk Mapping, Investment Plans & Policies

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The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) is a Registered Charity with UN ECOSOC Consultative Status.
iRAP is registered in England and Wales under company number 05476000
Charity number 1140357

Registered office: 60 Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DS
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