The Star Rating for Designs (SR4D) web app has been developed with the aim of enabling Star Rating to be easily incorporated into the road design process. The app empowers designers to assess the safety of a road design and improve its star rating before the road is constructed, thus saving lives and preventing serious injury from the outset.

SR4D strengthens the road safety audit process, complementing it with an objective and repeatable qualification of road user risk (without the need for a high level of experience), and supports the wider potential of Star Ratings as a safety performance metric.

As a sister application to ViDA, SR4D enables road engineers and designers, municipalities and road authorities, funding agencies and governments, to carry out the coding of road designs for a length of road.This includes the definition of the centreline for the road sections, splitting of the centreline into coding segments, import of PDFs or images of road designs into the application, association of them with the coding segments, and manual coding in relation to each of the PDFs and images. The application furthermore enables the user to submit the coding data to ViDA’s API for a Star Rating to be generated. Any suitably trained engineer or road safety practitioner will be able to carry out a design Star Rating, ensuring improved safety at the design phase of new road builds worldwide and maximised safety in road infrastructure investment.


The Star Rating for Designs (SR4D) web app was launched in Nov 2018.


Star Rating for Designs has been made possible through the financial support of the Global Road Safety Facility.

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