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How to build organisational capacity for safer road design

iRAP recommends a 6-stage plan for organisations that want to build SR4D capability.

1. Join an inception meeting, to meet key iRAP team members and see of how SR4D was developed and how it’s used.

2. Take the Star Rating Essentials (SRE) online course (5 x 1-hour modules plus assignments). Participants will learn about the iRAP methodology and learn how to use the iRAP software platform, ViDA.

3. Take the SR4D online course (4 x 1-hour modules plus assignments). Participants learn how to use the SR4D web application to assess designs.

4. Obtain iRAP interim accreditationby passing the accreditation tests, to join a community of experts that can perform iRAP-specification activities to the same consistently high level of quality worldwide.

5. Use SR4D in design projects. iRAP key staff offer remote technical support at this stage, including online technical advice and case study workshops.

6. Obtain full iRAP accreditationby demonstrating successful completion of a project that uses Star Ratings and investment plans. Experts with iRAP accreditation:

-Are listed on the iRAP website, which is often referred to by organisations such as the World Bank.
-Agree to a globally consistent Code of Conduct.
-Have permission to use the iRAP Accredited logo.
-Get regular updates on the latest developments in iRAP methodology and specifications.

If you would like to know more about SR4D or would like to implement the 6-stage plan in your organisation, please contact

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