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With the start of the new Decade of Action for Road Safety, SDG Target 3.6 to halve road deaths and serious injuries by 2030, and this UN Road Safety Week’s focus on 30km/h (20mph) on streets where people and traffic mix; we are all being challenged to ‘up our game’ to save lives and prevent serious injuries on our roads.

Here at iRAP, we are no exception. Our vision is world free of high risk roads. Like many life-saving charities working in the public health arena, we use a robust, evidence-based approach to prevent avoidable deaths and suffering. But as with any evidence-based approach, we need to make sure our models and tools are kept up-to-date and reflect current best practice.

As part of our continuous efforts to deliver a global standard for the road safety risk assessment and support Global Road Safety Performance Targets 3 and 4, we are starting a review of aspects the iRAP model.

Why are we doing this review?

This review is being performed with the iRAP Global Technical Committee and is designed to reflect our experience and that of our partners in applying the models around the world, and the latest research on the relationships between road attributes and risk. This review is particularly focused on speed risk factors for all road users, infrastructure risk factors (particularly for pedestrians and bicyclists), and Star Rating bands.

By performing reviews like this, we can ensure that the safety assessments being performed are based on the best international evidence and experience and you will keep having access to the global metric and tools you are already familiar with.

So, what’s next?

The model review has begun and will continue until September 2021. Should the review result in recommendations for updates to the model, these would be put in place soon afterwards. We will post progress updates on our website ( throughout the review.

Will this affect Star Rating results?

If the review results in updates to the Star Rating model, we will publish a technical note about how to manage your data, including recommended approach to performance tracking. Any existing assessment results will not be automatically changed in the system. Users will have the option to keep their results as they are or update them to the latest model version once it is available.

Do you have any questions or suggestions to share?

Your experience in using the Star Rating models is incredibly important to us. Should you have any suggestions for the review or questions about this review, please contact

For any specific Star Rating for Schools enquiries please contact

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