Speed management is a complex area of policy for any country. The setting and enforcement of speed limits compatible with the road use at a location is an essential component of a safe road system. Roads should be engineered to reflect the road use and desired speed environment. This involves political leadership, community engagement, enforcement and engineering to achieve the best outcomes.

iRAP assessments typically focus on the high risk sections of the road network where the risk of fatalities and serious injuries is greatest. This primarily includes higher speed rural roads and urban arterials, and roads where vulnerable road users are not adequately provided for. The iRAP models and theory therefore focus on the influence of speed in these environments.

iRAP models recognise the important role of speed in understanding the safety of a road. Vehicle speeds play a major role in the likelihood of a crash and in the severity of a crash. The iRAP model and tools could be enhanced to enable the setting of speed limit and enforcement policy.


The process and methodology for integrating of Speed management into the iRAP model and tools is being reviewed.


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