The iRAP Global Business Case for Impact Investors

Download the iRAP Global Business Case for Impact Investors here, which includes:

  • The need and where we are now;
  • Impact investment mechanism;
  • The Business Case for safer roads;
  • How impact investment may be mobilised and the social benefits attained that may differ by country income statistics.


  • 500 million killed and injured between now and 2030
  • #1 killer of young people worldwide.


  • Investment opportunity USD$1.4 trillion
  • 1 in 3 deaths and injuries saved
  • 20%+ Internal Rates of Return.


  • The UN Sustainable Development Goal 3.6 aims for a halving of road death and injury.
  • 16 million people will die and an estimated 500 million people will be injured in road crashes between now and 2030. The majority will be young people.
  • The cost will be an estimated USD$24 trillion.
  • Gross under-investment in road safety continues. Only $1-3 is invested in road trauma prevention for every $100 of costs.
  • Investment does not match the scale of this preventable public health crisis.
  • Based on current action, Goal 3.6 will not be met.
  • Lives will be lost. Life-long injuries will occur. Families will be changed forever.

A 1-star road is the least safe and a 5-star road is the safest.

  • >40% of the world’s roads assessed by iRAP are only 1- or 2-star – unacceptably unsafe.
  • Proven and cost effective solutions exist such as footpaths and pedestrian crossings, divided carriageways, safe roadsides,  safe turning provision, bicycle and motorcycle lanes, etc.



Download the iRAP Global Business Case for Impact Investors – English version here

Download the iRAP Global Business Case for Impact Investors – Portuguese version here

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