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The 2021 iRAP Peter Kissinger Award recipients were announced today in a virtual celebration attended by Peter’s wife Willie and best friend Dave Anderson.

In recognition of his great contribution to iRAP and global road safety, the Peter Kissinger annual Memorial Award is presented to the iRAP Staff Member/s who most emulate the iRAP values and spirit that Peter demonstrated in practice each day.

The 2021 winners are:

RUNNER UP: Rafaela Machado, Star Rating for Schools Coordinator

WINNER: Briarlea Green, Communications Officer

The nominations were shortlisted by iRAP Chairman – Gary Liddle, and chosen by Willie. In selecting winners, Willie used the iRAP values and looked for characteristics that made her think of Peter.

Speaking at the event, Willie said, “Peter was just so proud of iRAP and so delighted that he was part of the whole organization. He was so impressed and it was important to him. The people in the organization are so passionate, so supporting and so encouraging. This award … I know he knows about it, he’s listening. He’s proud of it.”

In reflecting on her selection of Rafaela as the Runner-Up, Willie said, “Rafaela exemplifies the heart of iRAP and is well-loved by many members of the team. They are impressed by her dedication and hard work and her understanding of how important her project is. She’s passionate about it and Peter was passionate about road safety.”

In reflecting on her selection of Briarlea as the Winner she said, “Briarlea has a passion for one of the most important aspects of an organization which is the message – that it’s consistent, accurate and people can depend on it. She also uses that talent as a tool of persuasion to encourage people to care about the programme as much as she cares about it. Now it’s all over the world and the opportunities for other people to participate has been increasing.”


iRAP Staff nominations

There were 8 nominations shortlisted for the award including:

  • Alessandra Francoia, Training and Accreditation Coordinator – ‘Always happy and positive, provides exemplary partner service’
  • James Bradford, Global Technical Director – ‘Passionate about our vision, honest and evidence-based’
  • Briarlea Green, Communications Officer – ‘Super professional, goes the extra mile and gets things done beautifully’
  • Rafaela Machado, Star Rating for Schools Coordinator – ‘Committed to the cause, honest and courageous, brings energy to everything’
  • Luke Rogers, Global Operations Manager – ‘Excellent team player, technically solid and reliable, values everyone’
  • Anne Alexander, Full Stack Developer – ‘Committed to excellence, caring, innovative, proactive and efficient’
  • Victor Artemenco, System Administrator – ‘Shows inspiration, leadership and care, team player who shares success’
  • Olivera Rozi, Project Director, European Institute of Road Assessment – ‘Passionate, takes on every challenge, promotes shared success through great support for many partners’

Put some faces to names here


About Peter

Peter was a Road Safety Champion, Colleague, and friend to iRAP. He was an iRAP Board Director from 2005 to 2019, President and CEO of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (2002 to 2016) and part of the Civil Engineering Research Foundation from 1992 to 2001.

Attending the celebration, Peter’s best friend Dave said, “I met Peter in 1965 and we’ve spent a lot of time together. It’s a great honour for me to be here. Peter meant a lot to me and still does.”

Some comments made by Peter’s colleagues that matched his characteristics included:

  • There are countless people who owe their lives to Peter’s passion for safety.
  • His achievements only exceeded by his character and integrity.
  • An amazing boss and mentor….led by example…and offered wise counsel to everyone.
  • A leader, innovator and hero for the cause of road safety.
  • He was such a positive person, always looking for the good in …a logically measured way.


We are delighted to share this award in Peter’s name and that Willie and Dave can continue to be part of the iRAP family for many years to come.

See more on iRAP’s values here

Information on previous award winners can be found here.

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