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The iRAP methodology and footprint of use in Mexico was recently shared at ANASEVI 2022, Mexico’s High-level Panel on Road Safety on 27 September.

Edgar Zamora, iRAP’s Safer Journeys Regional Lead (The Americas) participated in Session 8: Infrastructure for Road Safety – Challenges and Opportunities in Mexico alongside:

  • Ruben Lopez, Director General, Aleatica Mexico
  • Abel Lopez Dodero, Senior Specialist in Transport, World Bank
  • Senator Patricia Mercado Castro, President of the Commission of Metropolitan Areas and Mobility, Senate of the Republic
  • Vinicio Serment, Director General of Technical Services, Secretariat of Infrastructure Communications and Transport
  • Bosco Marti Ascencio, Global Director of Institutional Relations and Communications, Aleatica

The session aimed to exchange international and national best practice in standards compliance for safe road infrastructure design, construction and quality.

The ANASEVI Dialogue allowed attendees to broaden their knowledge on how to develop road infrastructure with a comprehensive approach to safety, linking all the relevant actors including public and private sectors, civil society, academia and users.

Watch Edgar’s presentation and the full session via the recording HERE.

Thanks to ANASEVI and SEMIC for producing the awesome video on how an iRAP assessment and ViDA works to generate Star Ratings, Fatality and Serious Injury Estimations and Safer Roads Investment Plans to inform safety improvements and eliminate high-risk roads.

Mexico has been using the iRAP methodology over many years to drive improvements in the safety its roads. In 2013, more than 60,000km of assessments were performed on national and provincial roads. The national network was assessed again In 2015 to performance track the safety improvements. Significant improvements were found, in some cases showing fatality reductions by up to 50%.

See the Mexico Case Study HERE.

Catch up on the recordings of all the ANASEVI sessions held this year which have explored:

  • Defining together a route for safe motorcycling in Mexico
  • Speed management, myths and realities
  • Safe vehicles to travel on the roads of Mexico
  • Active mobility experiences and challenges
  • Why the future of mobility must be shared and sustainable
  • The General Law of Mobility and Road Safety and challenges for its implementation
  • Women on the Move
  • The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 and the General Law on Mobility and Road Safety as frameworks for action to improve mobility and road safety in Mexico
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