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Over 147 Road Safety Champions From 53 Countries Tune in to Learn About ViDA’s Latest Advancements

The #RAPKnowledgeLive series recently held its 8th session, titled “Lifting the lid on ViDA – the free global road safety platform analysing the safety of roads worldwide.” The session, which attracted over 147 participants from 53 different countries, offered a comprehensive look at ViDA and its latest features.

Did you know? As of March 2024, 7.8 million km of full Star Rating analysis and investment scenarios have been undertaken in iRAP’s ViDA used by nearly 20,000 RAP partners.

Session Highlights

Celebrating over a decade of ViDA’s contributions to road safety, the session delved into the platform’s latest advancements and features, equipping participants to take their road safety analysis to the next level. Key topics covered included:

  • ViDA 101: A comprehensive overview of ViDA’s functionalities, encompassing data creation and analysis, interactive report generation, and secure data management.
  • Fresh Features Unveiled: The session introduced the latest updates to ViDA, SR4D, SR4S, and the Demonstrator, empowering users to optimize their road safety projects.
  • Fast-Tracking Route Reviews: Participants learned about the exciting new enhancements incorporated into the Route Review Tool.
  • Unlocking ViDA API Potential: The session explored how to integrate ViDA with existing systems and asset management tools to maximize data utilization.
  • Real-World Case Study: A trip to Uzbekistan showcased how the ViDA API (ORIS) played a crucial role in optimizing road safety and sustainability during the A380 project.
  • A Glimpse into the Future: The session provided insights into ViDA’s upcoming developments and its continued role in revolutionizing road safety analysis.
  • Leveling Up ViDA Skills: Participants gained valuable recommendations and resources for further ViDA training, empowering them to become ViDA masters.

Recording Available

The #RAPKnowledgeLive Session 8 recording is now available, allowing those who missed the live session to learn about ViDA’s latest advancements and its significance in enhancing global road safety.

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