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The daily commute. It’s a familiar routine, a journey most of us take without a second thought. But what if we told you that for many around the world, that seemingly ordinary trip can be fraught with danger, especially at high-risk intersections?

This is the reality the #CommittoAct movement by the Global Alliance of NGO’s for Road Safety aims to change. Partnering with iRAP, the Global Alliance is using a unique and simplified data collection method to shine a light on the local realities of daily commutes around the globe, with a particular focus on improving pedestrian crossings and overall mobility access.

iRAP Tools: Highlighting dangers and advocating for safer intersections

Behind this initiative lies iRAP’s robust data collection and analysis system, which plays a crucial role in advocating for safer high-risk intersections worldwide.

  • iRAP star rating model: This internationally recognized methodology assesses the safety of a road, including intersections. It considers over 50 road attributes that influence risk for all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and vehicle occupants.
  • Data-driven advocacy: By assigning a star rating to filmed commutes in Mobility Snapshots, iRAP data exposes the shortcomings in road design, particularly dangerous intersections. This empowers advocates to present policymakers with concrete evidence for targeted improvements. These improvements can include:
      • Intersection redesign: Based on iRAP’s findings, intersections can be redesigned to prioritize safety for all users. This could involve implementing dedicated turning lanes, improving sightlines, or installing pedestrian refuges.
      • Pedestrian crosswalk enhancements: iRAP data can highlight the need for marked crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and improved lighting at intersections, making it safer for people to cross the street.

Mobility snapshots: A window into the world’s commutes with a focus on pedestrian safety

The #CommittoAct campaign leverages the iRAP Star Rating methodology to create “Mobility Snapshots.” These snapshots are images and short video clips showcasing real commutes at high-risk intersections in different cities around the world. Using iRAP’s rating model, the images capture the safety of the roads environment, with a particular emphasis on pedestrian access and usage.

Beyond the pictures: Prioritizing pedestrian mobility with data

Mobility Snapshots go beyond just being visually compelling. The data collected through iRAP’s rating model provides a crucial layer of objectivity, highlighting:

  • Pedestrian infrastructure gaps: By identifying areas with missing sidewalks, inadequate signage, or a lack of designated crossing zones, iRAP data exposes challenges faced by pedestrians.
  • Limited mobility access: Uneven pavements, narrow walkways, or a lack of curb cuts can significantly hinder mobility for people with disabilities. iRAP data can bring these issues to light, helping you advocate for inclusive infrastructure improvements.

This data-driven approach allows advocates to move beyond anecdotal evidence and present policymakers with concrete information about the state of their roads, specifically regarding pedestrian safety and overall mobility access. This information can then be used to push for targeted road safety improvements, creating a safer environment for everyone.

A Call to Action: #CommittoAct for safer journeys with Improved intersections and pedestrian mobility

The Mobility Snapshots campaign is more than just data and statistics. It’s a call to action, a plea for us to acknowledge the human cost of unsafe roads, particularly dangerous intersections. By sharing these snapshots and using the #CommittoAct hashtag, we can raise awareness about this critical issue and demand action from policymakers around the world.

Together, with the combined power of storytelling and data analysis from iRAP, the Global Alliance is working to create a world where every commute is a safe one, prioritizing not just vehicle traffic but also the needs of pedestrians and those with limited mobility. It’s time we all #CommittoAct and make our roads safer for everyone, especially by addressing high-risk intersections and improving pedestrian mobility.


Access the Global Alliance of NGO’s for Road Safety Mobility Snapshots resources and campaign materials

  • Watch the Mobility Snapshot tools walkthrough for a step-by-step guide on how to do your Mobility Snapshot (see videos below in English, Spanish audio and French audio)
  • Download Mobility Snapshot Advocacy Materials here 
  • View Mobility Snapshot sample forms here

It’s time to get ready for the #CommitToAct Mobility Snapshots campaign 20-26 May 2024. Join the Global Alliance to shine a light on the reality of people’s daily journeys around the world and advocate together for action to #MakeitSafe for all road users.

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