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Mapping where 75% of travel occurs across a road network helps achieve UN Target 4: To ensure that roads where 75% of travel occurs reaches a 3 Star or better standard.

iRAP is working with the regional road safety observatories and technical partners to help national and regional road authorities understand which roads carry 75% of travel (or similar local targets). This will make it faster and easier to identify which road networks to assess and monitor safety progress for.

To learn more about why prioritising safety on roads that carry 75% of travel, see iRAP’s Business Case for Safer Roads.


The Regional Road Safety Observatories (RRSOs) Road Safety data collection in LMICs project is funded by the World Bank. The project is pilot the use of satellite data, amongst others, to map where 75% of travel occurs across two countries, Kenya and Ethiopia, and trial the detection of speed, flow and other physical road features for the measuring and monitoring of road safety key performance indicators (KPIs).

Partner Initiatives 

TomTom is working toward providing 75% of travel mapping as part of an enhanced suite of data tools.

TomTom’s 75% of travel mapping approach was validated by iRAP as part of the AiRAP Automation for Australian Road Safety project is funded by iMOVE CRC and supported by the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government initiative.

75% of travel mapping news

Announcing another new ‘AiRAP’ accredited supplier – Agilysis Ltd.

We are delighted to announce that the UK firm Agilysis has received AiRAP attribute accreditation for its methods to produce operating speed and vehicle flow (AADT) data from Earth Observation (satellite) imagery in accordance with iRAP specifications. The new source...

Government of South Australia 20 year strategy includes target for 80% of travel on 3-star or better roads for all road users

A recent announcement from the Government of South Australia will see improvements to the percentage of travel on State roads reaching 3-star or better for all road users captured in the Infrastructure SA 20-year strategy. The benefits to health, liveable cities and...


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