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Today, iRAP accredited supplier Pavesys Engenharia is transporting their survey vehicle to the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil to perform an iRAP assessment.

Fernando de Noronha is located 350 kms off Brazil’s northeast coast and is a protected national marine park and ecological sanctuary. It took 60 hours to transport the vehicle from where it was located.

The island survey is part of a 54,000km national BrazilRAP assessment being led by the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT). It encompasses the entire paved network under DNIT’s responsibility and is the largest application of iRAP’s methodology in Latin America.

Four iRAP accredited suppliers – Pavesys EngenhariaDynatest EngenhariaStrata Engenharia and Vectra Esteio Rodovias – are undertaking the survey with the support of iRAP Centre of Excellence Labtrans. Road Assessment Services, iRAP’s Strategic Projects arm, is supporting the quality assurance of the data collected.

Incorporating the iRAP methodology in its assessment will enable DNIT to assess network crash risk for road user groups and prioritize countermeasures to maximise lives and serious injuries saved in their maintenance and construction works.

Implementation of the iRAP Methodology by DNIT has been certified with the inov@BR seal, from the Brazilian Ministry of Infrastructure.

DNIT was awarded an iRAP 5-Star Performer International Award last month for its exceptional leadership in the successful creation of the BrazilRAP programme as well as its outstanding efforts to build local capacity and apply the iRAP methodology extensively on Brazil´s federal roads.


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