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Implementation of the iRAP Methodology by the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT) has been certified with the inov@BR seal, from the Brazilian Ministry of Infrastructure.

Inov@BR consists of the Policy for the Modernization of the Federal Highway Transport Infrastructure, which aims to ensure the safety and logistical efficiency of federal highways.

The Federal Government’s strategy aims to reduce the number and severity of road crashes and achieve international standards of road safety and innovation on federal highways.

iRAP Codification is part of the inov@BR Programme associated with the Road Safety pillar.

The implementation of the iRAP methodology by DNIT is based on the assessment of highways using the Star Rating classification system, with a focus on the safety of all users.

It contributes to reducing the number and severity of crashes, improving the safety of uphill or downhill stretches of highways and expanding actions that promote the comfort and safety of highway users and drivers.

The iRAP methodology enables data collection, coding and classification of federal road sections for safety – a 1-star road section is the least safe, whilst a 5-star section is the safest – making it possible to identify road safety improvement needs for high-risk road sections.

“Coding using the iRAP methodology allows prioritization of investments that seek to reduce risks related to infrastructure,” highlights the Director of Planning and Research at DNIT and BrazilRAP Lead, Luiz Guilherme Rodrigues de Mello.

iRAP CEO Rob McInerney said, “We congratulate the great work of the Brazilian Government as part of their inov@BR programme to modernise the safety and efficiency of federal roads in the country.

“iRAP is proud and honoured to receive the official inov@BR seal from the Ministry of Infrastructure that strives to achieve international standards of road safety that reduce the number and severity of road crashes in Brazil.

“It is great to see the iRAP global standard and the associated star rating, investment planning and performance tracking tools being applied by DNIT and local partners across Brazil as part of their locally led BrazilRAP programme.

“We look forward to their ongoing success as we work together to create a Brazil free of high-risk roads and contribute to the global targets for 3-star or better roads and a halving of road death and injury by 2030,” he said.

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