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After 3.5 years of joint efforts in road safety methodologies, policy, and practice integration, project RADAR – Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads came to an end at the end of November. The RADAR project celebrated its stories of success at the final conference which took place in hybrid mode at the end of September. The conference aimed at ‘Striving for Safer Infrastructure for All Road Users in Danube Area’ and was organized under the aegis of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU and in cooperation with the European Union Strategy for Danube Region (EUSDR) – PA1b: To improve mobility and multimodality – Road, Rail, and Air Links. The conference was an opportunity for road safety organizations and experts to discuss and chart the future strategic directions focusing on the improvement of road infrastructure safety in the Danube area for all road users. It brought together different road safety stakeholders to highlight the RADAR project’s results and demonstrate the benefits of a systematic approach to safer road infrastructure. It contributed to the debate of prioritization of road safety investments and network-wide road safety assessments under revised Road Infrastructure Safety Management (RISM) directive and broader. In addition, the conference underlined the need to work towards the implementation of both the United Nations and European Commission goals on road safety. The materials from the final conference are available HERE.

At the end of the project, the RADAR consortium published a magazine of 3.5 years of working on improving road infrastructure safety in the Danube area and contributing to safer roads, and decreasing fatal and serious injuries in Danube countries. Besides, they prepared a video highlighting how important the RADAR project was to each participating country.

The lead partner of the RADAR project was EuroRAP’s subsidiary European Institute of Road Assessment from Slovenia (EIRA–EuroRAP). Some of the RADAR project partners are EuroRAP’s members as well: Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Slovenia (AMZS), Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM), Bosnia and Herzegovina Automobile Club (BIHAMK), Bulgarian Association for Road Safety (BBARS), and General Automoto Club of the Czech Republic (UAMK).

EIRA–EuroRAP together with ACM and 9 other project partners continue the work on another Danube Transnational Programme project, called SABRINA – Safer Bicycle Routes in Danube Area. The SABRINA project builds on the results RADAR has provided during its seamless path towards road safety, by contributing to a safer transport network and safe transport mobility, as well as safe accessibility and mobility in (urban and) rural areas. The SABRINA project’s primary focus lies in improving road infrastructure safety for cyclists as one of the most vulnerable road users. The project started in July 2020 and will finish at the end of 2022. You can follow their work on the project’s webpage and social media: Twitter and Facebook.

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