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1. What is your current role and what is Croatian Motorways’s vision on road safety?
The basic determinant within mission and vision of the Croatian Motorways is ensuring safe and efficient motorway with a high level of social responsibility. Our vision is that Croatian Motorways are recognized as an example of careful and responsible attitude towards users, social community, employees and environment as well as a best practice example of the safest and best-quality roads in Croatia and region.

2. Why did you choose to partner with EuroRAP? What does EuroRAP offer to you?
For more than 10 years, Croatian Motorways are closely monitoring the work of EuroRAP, which in Croatia had its beginning through activities of Croatian Automobile Club and Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences of University of Zagreb. The approach to increasing the road safety in that 10 years’ time in Croatia has been drastically changed so we can generally say that road infrastructure, as one of the three basic factors of road safety, has taken more prominent place. Croatian Motorways have recognized that trend through cooperation with the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences and besides teaming up on the CEF project SLAIN, we are cooperating on the number of projects in which EuroRAP protocols are used in some degree.

3. Could you please tell us about your main successes in the field of road safety in Croatia due to your collaboration with EuroRAP?
The network of motorways under management of Croatian Motorways is the safest part of the road network in Croatia. The credit is primarily due to ceaseless efforts of the departments of Croatian Motorways, which are continuously working on application and implementation of the newest standards. In that sense, EuroRAP engagement on different educational activities and international projects is of the utmost importance because it helps in raising awareness on impact of road infrastructure on road accidents and their consequences. That especially goes to the conservative approach to the road safety where the basic viewpoint is that road accidents happen because of the human mistake and that their consequences cannot be mitigated. Today we have precise indicators, analysis and studies to show that there are others causes of road accidents and in that sense the role of EuroRAP is substantial.

4. What would you advise other road authorities when assessing the safety of the road infrastructure?
One of the crucial messages would be that the independent road safety assessment must be perceived as an opportunity for improvement rather than something negative. Investment in the road safety, as well as all other socially beneficial investments, needs to be quantified and put into proportion. Tools that EuroRAP provide are focused exactly on that, i.e. they are giving us a means to measure how successful we are in implementing the highest standards in road safety.

5. Could you share a 6-word story about what EuroRAP is or has done for you – Example – Europe of Free high-risk roads – that is the current mission.
Croatian Motorways – safest roads for your carefree vacation.

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