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The UN Sustainable Development Goals have set the challenge to halve road deaths and injuries by 2020 (Goal 3.6). They have also set the challenge for safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all (Goal 11.2) and they have recognised the role of infrastructure in connecting people and products to support economic development and human well-being (Goal 9.1).

With only four years remaining to achieve the road safety goal, our challenge is to provide the catalyst and the capacity to make the target of reducing road deaths to less than 600,000 per year by 2020 achievable. We want to deliver a world free of high-risk roads – innovation, investment, scale and sharing of success will make this possible.

The iRAP innovation workshop 2016 was held at the World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC USA. The event brought together policy and technical leaders, along with investment experts and those with the capacity to implement change and eliminate high-risk roads. Global leaders who, together, will play a significant role in ensuring safer infrastructure and safer speeds do their part in delivering a safe road and transport system.

The iRAP Innovation workshop 2016 focussed on:

  • Leadership innovation
  • Policy innovation
  • Technical innovation
  • Implementation innovation
  • Funding innovation.

Innovation workshop 2016 – presentation archive

Day 1 – Leadership innovation

Day 1 – Policy innovation

Day 2 – Technical innovation

Day 2 – Implementation innovation

Day 2 – Financing innovation

Day 2 – Impact investment

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