User Defined Investment Plans (UDIP) are the next step in enabling road engineers to tailor Star Rating and Safer Road Investment Plans (SRIP) to suit their road network and budget.

The UDIP process will enable a user to build a detailed strip plan for each road section, indicating where countermeasures have been recommended, triggered and overridden as part of a SRIP. It will enable a user to review a strip plan and accept or reject proposed  countermeasures, or select alternative countermeasures for each 100m road length. After the strip plans have been updated for the desired road sections, they can be submitted for the generation of an investment plan. UDIPs will not only report the number of fatal and serious injuries avoided due to the countermeasures, but also their economic benefits, estimated cost and benefit cost ratio, calculating them for both the individual countermeasures and the combined Plan’s impact. UDIPs will put the power to guide safer roads investment in the hands of road engineers and designers, municipalities and road authorities, funding agencies and governments at the planning desk before an investment plan approved.


A User Defined Investment Plans (UDIP) prototype has been developed is piloted within the UK.


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