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Agilysis research published in the Journal of Road Safety has created and tested a Safe System Cultural Maturity Model (SSCMM) to assess Safe System readiness within organisations and included the iRAP methodology and tools for safe infrastructure.

The Safe System is an approach to road safety management which is considered international best practice.

Road safety organisations at all levels are developing policies and strategies which incorporate Safe System thinking.

Whilst guidance on Safe System implementation is available, local adoption and application of Safe System thinking differ, based on organisational structure, history, and the traditional sphere of influence in road safety.

This research set out to determine the potential of a model for assessing how culturally mature organisations are in relation to Safe System thinking and application, which is important for creating consistency in implementation and monitoring, and identifying where further support is required.

A diagnostic tool, in the form of a question set and analytical outputs, was created to apply the model.

The research found Safe System implementation depends on the actions of multiple stakeholders, and organisational culture influences stakeholder actions.

SSCMM is a valid way of exploring the cultural maturity of organisations in their progress towards Safe System adoption, and can act as a diagnostic tool to identify where Safe System thinking and actions need to be strengthened.

Supporting institutions to strengthen Safe System culture will embed systemic thinking at the organisational level, increasing the efficacy of delivery.

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