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PHOEBE has released its second newsletter on the project ‘Predictive Approaches for Safer Urban Environment’.

One year has passed since the project kicked off. Since then, we have asked the end users about road safety, created management plans and discussed the experimental design around our pilots in Athens, West Midlands and Valencia.

Interviews have been shared with the project team and we’ve presented PHOEBE at a range of European and international events.

Project PHOEBE is a 45-month long project involving 11 sector-leading partners, that brings together the inter-disciplinary power of traffic simulation, road safety assessment, human behaviour, mode shift and induced demand modelling and new and emerging mobility data into a harmonised, prospective assessment framework for road safety.

iRAP is proud to be a PHOEBE partner. The consortium brings together a unique and diverse team with the established track record of delivering highly innovative and evidence-based European Commission projects and solutions. By connecting the models and methods of iRAP and Aimsun, and by using the stakeholder networks of POLIS and EIRA, the technology and big data skills of The Floow, Factual Consulting, and OSeven and the human behaviour, mode shift and policy and socioeconomic analysis skills of the University partners (NTU Athens, TU Delft, TU Munich and UP Valencia), the consortium is delivering on the expected outcomes to support “safe, seamless, smart, inclusive, resilient and sustainable mobility systems for people and goods” and save lives.

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