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You may have seen the news that we are updating the SR4S model. The model review was performed under the guidance of iRAP Global Technical Committee to ensure SR4S reflects the latest research, evidence and experience of partners around the world using the tool. SR4S uses iRAP’s pedestrian model to rate the safety of road infrastructure, and the SR4S model update is part of a broader review of iRAP models which will be implemented towards the end of 2023.

The new model will be deployed in the last week of June. For this reason, the SR4S web and mobile app may be unavailable on Tuesday June 27 2023 between 10 and 16h BST. Please plan your assessments accordingly.

What you need to know now…

  1. The process to collect data and conduct assessments using the SR4S will remain the same. The updates will be on the way the model calculates the results in the back of the system, so your experience using SR4S will not change.
  2. We will launch an updated SR4S video course in July and we recommend SR4S app users take a look as a refresher before using the new model, but it will not be mandatory.
  3. After the model update is deployed, any new assessments created in the SR4S platform will be automatically generated using the new model.
  4. Previous data in the SR4S system will not be automatically reprocessed using the new model. They will be saved in the system as Approved, and users will be able to process again the data and update it as well if they wish to. It will be important any before and after upgrade results are consistent with a same version of the model. iRAP recommends calibrating old assessments to the new model for accurate analysis of the safety change.
  5. If you have an ongoing project and needs support with managing your results, please get in contact with and we will be happy to support you.
  6. There is a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document now available here. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at For more information on the model review, you can also access the report 2022 Vehicle Speeds and the iRAP Protocols: A Review.
  7. If you don’t yet receive the SR4S newsletter and would like to stay abreast of our innovation and partner successes making school journeys safer world-wide, sign up here.
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