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We are delighted to announce that the Dutch company TomTom has received AiRAP attribute accreditation for its methods to produce road attribute data from TomTom MN-R data in accordance with iRAP specifications.

The new source data can be used to produce 7 road attributes for roads in countries where data is available. TomTom is working toward providing 75% of travel mapping as part of an enhanced suite of data tools.

TomTom’s 75% of travel mapping approach was validated by iRAP as part of the AiRAP Automation for Australian Road Safety project is funded by iMOVE CRC and supported by the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government initiative. Read more about this

For more information about the data, click here

AiRAP accreditation is iRAP’s newest category of accreditation. It is specifically to certify the use of data derived from big data and/or machine-learning methods meets iRAP specifications. More information on AiRAP is available at

The AiRAP accreditation process is open to any data providers and is managed as part of iRAP’s broader accreditation program.

About TomTom

The heart of location services is the map and TomTom delivers the most current digital map of the world.

Since 2006 TomTom has collected anonymous GPS measurements from its community of 600+ million drivers. This unique community input is combined with knowledge harvested from local experts alongside our multi source approach integrating data from survey vehicles, GPS traces, governmental sources, and vehicle sensor data to build our maps for maximum attribution, accuracy, and maintenance levels, meaning their accuracy will not deteriorate over time. To find TomTom’s source data licenses please follow the link below.

TomTom has more than 25 years’ experience collecting imagery and point cloud sensor data from TomTom’s global fleet of mobile mapping vehicles equipped with the latest sensors and cameras, capturing the top 4 road classes with a refresh rate of <24 months.

Data is typically pre-collected and extracted from TomTom’s archives as needed. However, custom capture can be requested from clients if TomTom’s recent archive does not cover their scope of work.

TomTom MultiNet-R (MN-R) source data is available for approximately 68 million kms of navigable road, covering 164 countries and 35 territories. MN-R data is updated on a continuous basis and available through TomTom’s weekly incremental map updates with a focus on higher class roads (i.e. those that typically carry 75% or more of road traffic).

MN-R data within these countries covers all geographic regions and area types (i.e. rural/urban etc).

TomTom has partial coverage of both MN-R and MoMa data in African countries due to the difficulty in sourcing data for roads and issues pertaining to rights to maintain geospatial data in the region. However, where possible, there is a big push to improve coverage for both MN-R and MoMa in Africa in 2022.

The TomTom MN-R data is captured using the globally consistent specifications. In order to ensure accuracy, we check every change against strict quality rules before going live. Currently, we have defined around 3,000 business quality checks. Every change is traceable in terms of operations performed, as well as accountability.

MN-R data does not have correlating image data to enable manual review, however, TomTom does capture MoMa data on a continuous basis to ensure we have supporting evidence to support the values provided through the MN-R.

MN-R data is stored on TomTom’s Map Content Portal with archived versions available weekly. Archive Mobile Mapping data is stored in TomTom’s cloud storage facility.

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