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Movement in towns and cities around the world is changing, and road design needs to reflect this. While traditionally, urban road design has been car-centric, many cities have fundamentally shifted to a model that prioritises safety and mobility for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, a growth in micro-mobility – including low-speed vehicles such as e-scooters and rental bikes – is prompting cities to look for new ways to provide safer urban road environments for all road users.

Knowledge from across the globe has been brought together in a three-year project managed by the Road Safety Foundation and funded by the Road Safety Trust. Findings are being incorporated into the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) tools as a extra set of countermeasures – Urban Investment Plans. It helps planning authorities to understand how risk changes along an individual road section or across a network, based on the safety performance of the infrastructure itself.

The latest thinking and innovation for the safety of vulnerable road users is available to planning authorities in the UK, and across more than 100 countries through iRAP, helping them make a better investment case to prevent fatal and serious injuries in urban areas. The Urban Investment Plans are a fantastic example of a local innovation that’s been piloted in the UK building on the iRAP Star Rating Methodology to meet a local need.

Through iRAP’s Innovation Framework, it is one of several exciting initiatives underway globally that are Made Safer by iRAP and will help countries accelerate towards the global target of halving road death and injury by 2030. Following its successful local pilot, global testing of the tool is anticipated next year.

The Road Safety Foundation have worked with Local Authorities in the UK: Kent County Council, Hampshire County Council, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and charities (Brake and iRAP) who have been involved throughout the project to define user requirements and review outputs. Countermeasures have been trialled with Transport for Greater Manchester and Kent County Council and their comments on the countermeasures included in the review.

The Urban Investment Plans being added to the iRAP model will be demonstrated at a webinar 10.00-11.00 on Thursday 24 November 2022.

To sign up to the webinar on 24 November, please register here

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