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04 OCTOBER 2022
TIME: 1.00PM – 2.00PM (CET)
Free of charge

Star Rating for Designs (SR4D) is a process and evidence-based programme of applications informed by the iRAP Methodology which enables the objective measure, and improvement, of the level of road safety ‘built in’ to a road design for vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists, before the commencement of civil works. SR4D is free to use. 

For this lunchtime discussion, we have invited James Bradford, iRAP’s Global Technical Director to provide a presentation on:

  • What is the context and purpose of Star Rating for Designs?
  • How Star Rating for Designs can be used within the road design process.
  • How to use the Star Rating Demonstrator for Star Rating for Designs.

Guest Speaker- James Bradford, Global Technical Director at iRAP: 

James Bradford is Global Technical Director of iRAP, EuroRAP and the Road Safety Foundation. Within this multi organisation role, he has responsibility for overseeing the development of the RAP protocols and associated products. The role incorporates:

  • Management of development of the iRAP Star Rating tool ViDA
  • Leadership of the iRAP Global Technical Committee, comprising experts from leading road safety organisations and research agencies from around the world. The GTC oversee model development and the technical integrity of iRAP protocols worldwide, ensuring the latest global road safety research is included and that the model is consistently applied world-wide.  
  • Development and implementation of data management and processing routines.

Who should attend: This webinar is designed for road designers, engineers, consultants and road safety professionals involved in road design, operation, maintenance and policy.

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