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iRAP invites all to join us this month at the ITF 2022 Summit in Leipzig where our key focusses will be on supporting member countries to eliminate high-risk roads, powering inclusive innovation and #30 in Action.

The 2022 Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum (ITF), will take place in Leipzig, Germany, from 18 to 20 May, under the Presidency of Morocco.

The ITF acts as a global transport policy think tank and organises an invitation-only Summit for Transport Ministers each year. It brings together Ministers from ITF’s 63 member countries and guest countries with more than 1400 business leaders, top researchers, civil society, as well as local and regional authorities to discuss the trends and challenges shaping transport and mobility around the world.

This year’s theme Transport for Inclusive Societies places transport and mobility at the heart of efforts to build a more inclusive and equitable global society. The programme will focus on five key themes:

  • Fostering access for all
  • Promoting access to economic activities
  • Ensuring an open and inclusive transport labour market
  • Improving transport’s impact on health, safety and security
  • Designing governance frameworks for inclusive transport

iRAP’s involvement will include:

Wednesday 18 May

  • Presentation by iRAP CEO Rob McInerney in the session on Powering inclusive innovation: The role of transport.
  • Panel participation of Star Rating for Schools Coordinator Rafaela Machado in the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety online event Live from Leipzig #30 in Action. The event will showcase 5-6 cities around the world that have implemented 30km/h speed limits in urban areas and panellists will discuss the benefits of low speed limits for road users, safe mobility and climate.

iRAP will be on hand to answer questions and participate in meetings with countries to discuss the national status of road infrastructure safety and local initiatives and opportunities, tools and support available to save lives and reduce serious injuries on 3-star or better roads.

For more information on the Summit and to register, visit

If you’ve like to arrange a meeting with iRAP staff during the event, please contact Judy Williams on

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