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Issue 129 of Brazil’s main infrastructure publication Rodovias & Vias has showcased iRAP as the definitive guide and method saving lives and transforming road infrastructure safety in Brazil and worldwide with a featured  interview with iRAP Global Projects Director Julio Urzua and showcase of supplier projects underway in the country.

Download a copy of the issue in English and Portuguese to read the following features:

  • Interview with Julio – pages 11-19
  • The stellar journey of iRAP – pages 20-23
  • Expanding horizons with Pavesys – pages 30-41
  • ARTESP reaping fruits – pages 94-95
  • The iRAP methodology – pages 96-99

Machine translated from Portuguese:

“Thinking of the user as a consumer – and here we are talking about concessioned roads – iRAP provides more transparency, because the stars indicate unequivocally, quickly and clearly, the relation of correspondence and the proportionality between what is offered and what is in fact being paid.

 We began to understand that the focus of a highway is maintenance and preservation of life, not just maintenance and preservation of travel comfort and reduction of operating cost.

 It was from this moment on that Brazil began to have, through a reliable methodology, (an understanding of) what was happening on the roads, and more importantly, what was being done to mitigate these harmful effects.

DNIT, through its directors, with a strong role of the Planning and Research, adopted an understanding that iRAP could be a huge step towards the fulfilment of the commitments the country assumed, to reduce the number of accidents, with the UN.”

Prof Fernando Pugliero, CEO, Pavesys Engineering

“Already, more than 30,000 km of roads across the country have been evaluated, more than 1,000 people have been trained, 20 accredited suppliers have been accredited, and more than R$30 billion in highway investments have been made safer.

The high quality application of ratings is critical for every partner, every country, every project, and every supplier, with star ratings specified and used by governments and investment agencies for performance standards and tracking.”

Julio Urzua, Global Projects Director, iRAP

Our thanks to Rodovias and Vias Magazine for this excellent coverage of BrazilRAP Programme Success.

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