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United Nations Road Safety Fund and The World Bank GRSF, with the support of the Department For International Development (DFID) have announced a great new partnership to apply the UNRSC Ten Steps for Safer Road Infrastructure in Tanzania.

The initiative aims to reduce road traffic deaths and serious injuries by improving road safety engineering, generating knowledge and boosting the capacity of key stakeholders. The project will also use applied research to recommend enhancements to the Ten Steps approach, and potential applications for existing and future development activities by the World Bank, other MDBs and bilateral agencies.

The Ten Steps resource provides a repeatable well-structured plan to build local road safety capacity, design standards, training and accreditation financing, policies, audits, locally led iRAP programmes, and the celebration of success.

The partnership will bring together the local experts in Tanzania including TANROADS,TARURA and TARA, UNECA, International Road Federation, PIARC, iRAP and The World Bank to create long-term impact in support of the global goals and achievement of Target 3 and Target 4 for 3- star or better journeys across Tanzania in accordance with the 2030 agenda.

Dr. Soames Job, Head of the GRSF, said: “We are pleased to be jointly funding this valuable road safety delivery initiative for Tanzania. This joint undertaking is an important step for saving lives and preventing debilitating injuries in Tanzania, and a vital part of the close collaboration of the World Bank and GRSF with iRAP, IRF, PIARC, UNRSC, and UNRSF. It is critical that these leading global organizations work together to save lives and avoid injuries on the world’s roads.”

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Main image credit: Hendri Lombard / World Bank

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Click here to visit the 10 Step Plan Webinar resource page to give you more information and access to the recorded webinar

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