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June 2020: Pavesys presented on how the iRAP methodology will be incorporated as a metric to measure the level of road safety along the Piracicaba-Panorama (PiPa) road concession over the next 30 years.

This concession is the first in Brazil to include the iRAP global standard to measure the road safety of the network.

Pavesys was selected by the IFC (part of the World Bank Group) to do the consulting for the analysis of scenarios, to establish targets and road safety metrics for implementing the iRAP methodology on the PiPa project.

IFC have created KPI’s and established metrics to guarantee a minimum 3-star level of safety is maintained. The KPI’s are a result of the effort between Pavesys and IFC to include systematic road safety assessments in all new contracts.

Pavesys has been an iRAP accredited supplier since 2016 for surveys and coding, and since 2018 for analysis.

The 30-year plan using the iRAP global standard will save lives and help Brazil achieve the United Nations Global Goals.

Other concessions are now looking at the PiPa experience and how they can incorporate KPI’s to include the iRAP global standard.

To read more on this Piracicaba and Panorama concession project click here

To download the presentation, click here

Read more from the World Bank on how Brazil is building on its public-private sector partnerships to create safer infrastructure here

About BrazilRAP

The BrazilRAP programme aims to address the highest risk roads around the country in partnership with national and state agencies. The programme will be hosted by DNIT in association with local experts, using local research and resources, supported by iRAP.

Over 41,000 lives are lost each year due to road crashes in Brazil and eliminating high risk roads is critical to injury reductions. Achieving greater than 75 per cent of travel on 3-star or better roads for all road users by 2030 stands to save over 13,000 lives each year with an economic benefit of USD$9 for every $1 spent. (Source: iRAP’s Big Data tool)

Working with our partners in Brazil, BrazilRAP will seek to eliminate 1 and 2-star unsafe roads and to become a world-leader in the design and construction of brand new 3-star or better safe and smart motorways in the country, with the global support of iRAP and the FIA Foundation.

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