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June 2020: Anditi, TomTom, Tutela and Factual Consulting have won the SLAIN Project tender to assess roads as to their readiness for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs).

EuroRAP is the lead partner of Project SLAIN (Saving Lives Assessing and Improving TEN-T road network safety), funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (managed by the INEA)

The Project aims at improving road infrastructure safety on European TEN-T roads through risk assessment. Among its activities, SLAIN encompasses the assessment of roads as to their readiness for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) “Roads that cars can read”.

Under the objectives of the tender, the plan includes the collection of data and parameters (specifications) for measuring and recording physical road attributes, specifically road marking/lines and signage, for CAV readiness. The sample data will be collected from 2,000 km of TEN-T roads in four different countries – Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain.

The activities will be carried out with the support of the collaborative partnership of Anditi, TomTom, Tutela and Factual Consulting, using the following skills and expertise:

  • TomTom’s global experience and expertise in the capture of high-resolution data that can be used to assess and detect road asset and safety attributes. This includes a generation of HD Maps and research and development associated with its own autonomous vehicle.
  • Anditi’s experience and expertise with processing and analysing TomTom data, and its ability to extract key road asset and safety attribute features efficiently and accurately. Anditi (Peter Jamieson) is iRAP accredited for Attribute Coding for Star Ratings.
  • Tutela’s global capture and analysis of cellular attribute data including network coverage, signal strength, and diversity of carriers across Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Spain will inform this project. Tutela cellular data is constantly updated through crowdsourcing.
  • Factual Consulting expertise in road safety and extensive knowledge of the European Commission and EuroRAP projects and the key stakeholders for this project. Factual (Marc Figuls) is also iRAP accredited for Attribute Coding for Star Ratings.

Read more on EuroRAP’s website here

Read more about Project SLAIN here


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