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  1. What is your current role in AMZS and what is your Association’s vision on road safety?

Currently, I am the Secretary-General of AMZS, the Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Slovenia. At the same time, I am a project manager of AMZS EuroRAP activity and RADAR project.

AMZS is very active in road safety and safe mobility including all the three pillars of road safety: 1. regarding drivers, we run our own driving school and the biggest safe driving centre in Slovenia; 2. regarding vehicles, we offer road assistance, car repair shops, vehicle technical examinations, vehicle homologation, we are partners at annual international tyre tests, child restraint systems test; 3. regarding infrastructure, we have been assessing roads since 2008 using iRAP/EuroRAP procedures, next to pedestrian crossings tests, tunnel tests and many other activities. Our vision is to be the first voice and representative of all road users for safe and sustainable mobility, against and with official institutions.

  1. Could you tell us a bit more about the involvement of AMZS in the SENSoR and RADAR projects?

AMZS has a long-term experience in international projects. SENSoR and RADAR projects allowed us to continue working on road assessment, not only rating roads, but also as a promoter of the importance of safe system approach and rising awareness within all involved road safety stakeholders in Slovenia. At the same time, both projects allowed us internationally to share and receive good practice examples and approaches. SENSoR project enabled us to perform large scale roads rating, having star rated about 3.200 kms of Slovenian state roads.

  1. Why did you choose to partner with EuroRAP? What does EuroRAP offer to you?

EuroRAP allowed us to be able to use independent and internationally comparable road assessment tools, which made our position stronger in relation to road authorities and ministries. When demanding safer roads and constant roads maintenance and upgrades, EuroRAP is considered a strong tool to back up our initiatives.

  1. Could you tell us about your main successes in the field of road safety in Slovenia due to your collaboration with EuroRAP?

The most important achievement is the establishment of Slovenian EuroRAP consortium or better to say partnership, encompassing the Ministry of Infrastructure, Police, State roads authorities and Motorways authorities. A lot of credit goes to Mr. Robert Staba, former AMZS employee, who started the AMZS EuroRAP story. We have delivered Risk Maps for consecutive three-year periods 2006-2008, 2009-2011, 2012-2014 and 2015-2017. We have star-rated about 4.000 kms of state roads and 800 kms of motorways and expressways since 2008.

  1. At the end of last year, AMZS won the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. Could you tell us more about this great achievement?

We are proud that our persistent EuroRAP activity, regularly since 2008, has been recognised internationally and in such a prominent international company of award winners. We will continue working closely, especially with motorway authorities, with whom we have a third in row contract signed for assessing roads. Namely, on about 10% of the length of Slovenian state roads, represented by motorways and expressways, more than 50 % of vehicle-km are travelled annually.

  1. Could you share a 6-word story about what EuroRAP is or has done for you?

Three star or better roads for everyone.

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