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Meet FPZ in Croatia – iRAP accredited supplier

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences (FPZ) is an accredited iRAP supplier with nine accredited individuals in their team and one accredited inspection system. FZP is a supplier with more than ten years of international experience in performing iRAP assessments and other road safety-oriented projects.

So far, the FPZ has performed the iRAP inspections, SRS coding and road safety analysis on approximately 31,500 km of roads in various countries across the world, including the Great Britain, Qatar, Lebanon, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Croatia. Currently the FPZ is also one of the main project partners involved in the Interregional Transnational Programme project RADAR – Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads, in which, besides its involvement in other transnational cooperation activities, it has participated in organizing and leading a number of training courses about iRAP protocols in order to transfer the know-how to other project participants and stakeholders, i.e. to perfect the future usage of the iRAP methodology related to RAP Star Rating, RAP Risk Mapping and SRIP plan development in the region.

So far, the FPZ has been involved in organizing and performing the iRAP training courses for relevant road safety organizations in several countries across the Danube Region, including the Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Monte Negro. The FPZ is currently also involved as a partner in SLAIN project (Saving Lives Assessing and Improving TEN-T Road Network Safety) in which it actively participates in activities related to performing iRAP Risk Mapping on 8000 km of TEN-T road network and iRAP Star Rating on 4000 carriageway kilometers of TEN-T road network in Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain.

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences uses FPZ accredited surveying system for performing road video inspections according to the iRAP protocols. All surveys are done according to iRAP standards by FPZ equipped survey vehicle which records the videos in the following recording modes: (1) Single front/back camera mode to up to 110 km/h with video resolution 1920×1080 at 30fps (170 degrees angle of view, progressive scan) and (2) spherical panoramic photos mode which enables obtaining a detailed overview of the relevant characteristics of the existing traffic infrastructure and road environment in all directions (360°) on every 4 meters of the inspected road section.

The coding and post-coding processes are performed by FPZ Coding toolkit – a WebGIS, open source HTML5 web-based application for identifying and registering spatial features in georeferenced video. FPZ Coding toolkit needs to be hosted on a server and is distributed to the client via web browsers. The coding process is performed through the coder web interface – FPZ Coding Tool application on 10 m sections by clicking on the appropriate attribute on the toolbars. The interface can be customizable to ensure maximum visibility of road features and active attributes. Attributes can also be assigned directly on the map by using spatial selection tool. The export files are created according to the iRAP upload file format. Registered features are stored in spatial database PostgreSQL (PostGIS) so that can be easily integrated with other third-party GIS applications.

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