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March 2019: EuroRAP is pleased to announce its win of the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility Bid for the Project SLAIN, triggering EUR 1.87 million in funding including co-funding from the European motor industry and other partners for work in Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain.

With partners in these countries, Project SLAIN (Saving Lives Assessing and Improving TEN-T Road Network Safety) will extend the skills and knowledge base of partners performing network-wide road assessment.

The project plan includes activities supporting Directive 2008/96/EC – risk maps on 8,000km of road, 4,000 carriageway kilometres of Star Rating and Safer road Investment PLans to help maximise lives saved, technical analyses and estimates on quality of the entire TEN-T network and production of a library of more than 100 case studies.

Additional planned activities include a 2,000km survey of the quality of road markings in the four countries, consultation on the definition of an effective vertical sign for automated vehicles and a review of crash analysis requirements for highly-automated vehicles.

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The next EuroRAP General Assembly will be held from 14 – 16 May 2019 in Bulgaria – click here for more information.

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