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Monday 3 December 2018: After the Star Rating for Designs (SR4D) tool was officially launched last week at the Vision Zero and Innovation Workshop 2018, the World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility hosted a further demonstration for key World Bank staff.

James Bradford, iRAP’s Global Product Director, as invited to facilitate a 2-part session to help participants further understand the reasoning behind the development followed by an in-depth demonstration of the SR4D tool.

The session was chaired by Dr Soames Job, Lead Road Safety Specialist at the World Bank and head of the Global Road Safety Facility. Dr Soames Job previously said at the SR4D launch that the World Bank and GRSF are “proud to financially support the development of this tool, which will prove to be an efficient application for getting safety right the first time, thereby saving lives and resulting in significant financial savings compared with road upgrades post-construction. The SR4D tool will also assist in delivery of the World Bank’s Road Safety Safeguard, a strong commitment to road safety that went live in October 2018.” (Read the official SR4D launch media release)

Other significant contributors to the training session included the World Bank’s Jing Xiong, Senior Transport Specialist; Geoffrey John Kurgan, Transport Specialist; and Dipan Bose, Senior Transport Specialist who have been involved in the development process.

It was a great opportunity for iRAP to share with the project’s major financial contributor on how the tool can help road designers consider the key road safety elements and how the tool can strengthen the road safety audit process.

The SR4D tool is one of the Innovation Partnerships within iRAP’s Innovation Framework online hub, which demonstrates how leading innovations have evolved and are being continuously improved through the application of local expertise, philanthropic support, and the peer review of global experts.

For more information:

  • For more information on SR4D and the partnerships that have brought it to fruition, click here.
  • For information on training opportunities, please contact: James Bradford, iRAP Global Product Director, email:

Watch a short demonstration of the Star Rating for Designs tool below

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