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The iRAP Innovation 2017 Workshop was held 8-10 November at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, Netherlands. Hosted by EuroRAP and the Royal Dutch Automobile Club (ANWB), with support from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), the FIA Foundation and the Road Safety Fund, the theme of the event was Tackling the transition to automated vehicles. Advancing technologies require the prioritisation and integration of roads and vehicle investment to ensure safety and value from the money spent. The event drew fifty global policy and technical leaders to discuss the road infrastructure, safety and investment priorities associated with the transition to highly automated vehicles. The workshop involved a diverse range of technology firms, researchers, experts, service providers and safety organisations – including Uber, Google, BMW, Global NCAP and more – to discuss and share their work in the future of safe transport and mobility, as well as their vision for where autonomous vehicles could take us into the future. The iRAP Innovation Workshop, held annually, showcases leading innovation in road infrastructure policy, technology, investment and design driving life-saving outcomes around the world.  Previous year’s workshops were held in Washington, the UK and Melbourne.  For workshop reflections, view the Event Summary and Recommendations for the Future.

Programme & Presentations

The two day programme included sessions on policy innovation, the vehicle and infrastructure relationship, the power and application of data, urban innovation, near term investment, and priorities for the future. The presentation of successful global case studies, as well as onsite tours of Helmond’s Automotive Campus, provided practical learnings including an understanding of the needs of emergency first responders as they deal with new vehicle technologies in crashed vehicles. Copies of the workshop presentations are linked here:

Session 1 – Policy Innovation

Session Introduction
Welcome – F Smith
Keynote – S van Dam
Global Policy Leadership for 3-star or better roads – R McInerney

Session 2 – Infrastructure and automotive

Session Introduction
Developments in safety support systems – M Geraets
Safety through the eyes of the manufacturer – R Gense
Road safety in city of Helmond – G Blom
Frameworks for transition to autonomous vehicles – S Lawson

Session 3 – Application and Data

Session Introduction
Star Rating for Schools – J Bradford
Google and iRAP global benchmarking and data part – A Lieber
VIA Crash data and Star Raitngs – H Coppen
Global New Car Assessment Programme – J Truong

Session 4 – Urban Innovation

Session Introduction
Need for predicting behaviour – O op den Camp
Transportveiligheid – N rosmuller
Modelling smart motorways – J Fletcher
CycleRAP – R Tacq
Star Ratings in Cities – G Smith

Session 5 – Future of mobility

Session Introduction
Influence of smart mobility on safety – C van de Weijer
Changing crash types in transition to autonomous vehicles – B Turner
Uber road safety policies and innovation – N Anderson
Developments in safety performance indicators – P vanderknaap

Session 6 – Near term investment

Session Introduction
ChinaRAP – T Zhang
Englands Safer Roads Fund – J Dawson
Investing in Friesland – H Jellema

Session 7 – Implementation Innovation

Session Introduction
Safe infrastrcutre for motorcycles – D Willigers
Innovations in infrastruture – F Tate
Abertis network management – P Fenain
Success Stories & Innovative Investment – R McInerney

Session 8 – Priorities for the Future

Session Introduction

Media releases

2017 Innovation Workshop tackles transition to automated vehicles



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