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Road Safety Facts and Tips

iRAP partners from around the world are compiling a book full of words of wisdom. Local sayings and idioms, that when translated into English, are often funny, sometimes strange but always packed full of meaning. For example if our Swedish road safety friends reach Vision Zero they might say “Det är ingen ko på isen” or “There is no cow on the ice”.  That is there is nothing to worry about!!.

Linked to the UN SDGs, the book will be a fundraiser to support iRAP programs like Star Ratings for School, AiRAP and CycleRAP amongst others. The book will also include a range of road safety facts and tips. This is where we need your contributions and evidence-based and fun inputs.

Enter your bite-sized insights below, all tips welcome – road safety figures, facts on seat belts, mobile phone use, drink driving, speed, vehicle safety, scooters, road infrastructure, emergency response.…

For example:

The publishing company will decide the final facts and tips included and if your contribution is used you will be included in the acknowledgements section of the book.  On behalf of all the iRAP partners worldwide a big thanks for your help!!

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