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Sub Saharan Africa has the world’s highest road traffic injury rates. For students of Justin Kabwe Primary School in Lusaka, Zambia, their journey to school is now much safer, with access roads raised from 1 and 2-star dangerous to 5-star safety excellence, assessed using iRAP’s Star Rating for Schools app.
Four children were injured on roads around the school before the school was upgraded. 4,700 vehicles pass the entrance, 200 people cross the road and over 900 people walk along the road past the school every peak hour. Crossing the road into school used to be very dangerous.
Thanks to an Amend project, supported by FedEx and the FIA Foundation, and completed in November 2017, infrastructure
improvements have vastly improved safety, assessed using the Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) app powered by iRAP’s Pedestrian Star Rating.
The improvements included the addition of a raised platform pedestrian crossing, footpaths, fencing and a school zone warning, removal of vehicle parking which blocked sight lines, and reduced operating speeds of passing vehicles.
Four locations with high pedestrian traffic flows were star rated for safety using the SR4S app before and after the infrastructure improvements.
The before and after star rating results captured by SR4S reflected a major improvement in safety. The school’s main entrance intersection and nearby corner achieved star rating improvements from 1 to 5 stars and 2 to 5 stars respectively.

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