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Innovation Framework

iRAP’s vision is a world free of high-risk roads. iRAP encourages, and harnesses the power of, innovation and partnerships to help create the tools to make this vision a reality.

iRAP brings together teams which share a common interest in saving lives through safer roads and safer journeys. Our global partnerships with government, mobility clubs, industry and research groups ensure innovative ideas from one programme partner can be shared immediately with others for mutual benefit.

What is the Innovation Framework?

The Innovation Framework provides the governance structures, partnerships and discipline for the development and operations of new products and services, modelling innovations and partnerships which use iRAP intelligence.

The Framework addresses:

  • Strategic fit, investment and long-term viability
  • Model and product governance and approval gateways
  • Product planning and development processes, and
  • IP management.

iRAP innovation can be done by iRAP, iRAP Centres of Excellence (CoE) or others (third parties). Innovation products are grouped into three types:

iRAP products use iRAP’s models and are free to use. Only iRAP and iRAP Centres of Excellence can lead model development.
RAPapps are iRAP or third party enhanced products that use the iRAP models and are embedded with iRAP systems and may have pricing.

Made Safer by iRAP are third party, externally-hosted products that use iRAP models (core or enhanced) or data and may have pricing.



Model and product governance

The model development and the technical integrity of iRAP protocols worldwide is overseen by the Global Technical Committee (GTC). The GTC reports directly to the iRAP Board and is comprised of experts from leading road safety organisations and research agencies from around the world. The GTC ensures that the latest road safety research is included and that the model is consistently applied.

Product planning and development process

Good product planning is integral to delivering high quality products which help deliver safer road infrastructure and reduce deaths and serious injuries. Under the Innovation Framework, there is a clear, multi-step process to guide the development of products which use iRAP intelligence.

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